Special Date Ideas to Enjoy around the Western Cape

Although February is famously the month of love (and my birth month so I am particularly partial towards it) – I don’t believe romantic gestures and fun couple experiences should be reserved to a single day or month. So, to help you build lasting memories with your sweetheart, here are some special date ideas to enjoy around the Western Cape year-round!

Romantic and Special Date Ideas to Enjoy Around the Western Cape

With everything from fun, outdoorsy adventures to secret beach escapes and romantic meals for two, this list has something to suit every couple, love language and budget.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the most special date ideas to enjoy with the one you love. ๐Ÿ™‚

Classy and Unique Outings for Two

Update: Regrettably, as of March 2023, Shakespeare’s has closed their doors.


I actually did this afternoon tea experience with a close friend – but it is perfect for enjoying with a romantic partner too!

If you love anything related to literature, writing or of course, William Shakespeare, an afternoon tea for two sharing at Shakespeare’s Restaurant in Durbanville is a must-do.


Guests enjoy a generous, tasty spread of four sweet, four savoury, as well as bottomless tea or coffee (or a mix of both, if you want to do that) and it is reasonably priced.

The setting, which oozes old books, velvet couches and Shakespearean-themed decor, really adds to this unique date experience.

Furthermore, an afternoon tea proves that not all love stories need to end in tragedy… ๐Ÿ™‚



If uniquely themed dates are your vibe, then a tea for two at Shakespeare’s is ideal!

Read my full review here.


We began our romantic day off with a suave classic car drive for two in a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air around the stunning L’Ormarins estate in Franschhoek. This fine estate is home to the Franschhoek Motor Museum and fun, chaffeured classic car drives.

This experience is honestly one of the highlight dates that I have ever planned or enjoyed.



Driving with the roof down, soaking up perfect spring weather and impressive mountain- and farm-views, we enjoyed a brief but unforgettable experience.


It also costs less than R200 for two, making it hugely affordable!

Best of all, these chauffeured car drives are not weather-dependent so even if it rains, you can still enjoy a classy drive through the estate!


After posing next to our perfectly maintained Chev for some elegant photos, we headed back to the Franschhoek Motor Museum’s reception. Here, we embarked on the next stage of our date: a self-guided tour of the Franschhoek Motor Museum.


Home to some 220 incredible classic cars, dating as far back as 1898, this amazing motor museum allows guests to enjoy seeing some 80 classic cars and other motor-themed displays at a really affordable rate.



I love how accessible this museum is (to everyone’s budget) and how young and old can enjoy stepping back in time and see how far motor cars have come in the past few hundred years or so.

If you love classic cars or simply wish to enjoy a fun, weather-proof outing in Franschhoek, this is for you!

  • Fresh Roses, Tantalising Bubbles and Cocktails and Parisian-style Dining at Mon Amour


If you are a couple who enjoy dabbling in something more adventurous or grand, then Mon Amour in Franschhoek is a must-try!

This Parisian-inspired restaurant in The Yard Centre offers incredible food, drinks (including delicious cocktails), eye-catching, exotic dรฉcor and even its own Rose Room, where you can purchase fresh roses daily, except on Mondays when they are closed.



It is an incredible experience from start to finish – especially if you visit on weekends (Friday evening-Sunday afternoons), when they have guest performers thrilling guests with elegant pieces played on their grand piano.


This is one of the best dining experiences I have enjoyed to date. Better yet, it makes for an utterly romantic, exciting date.



Because their food and drink prices are within Franschhoek price ranges, this is more a spoil-yourselves kind of date than a budget-friendly option.

However, it is worth every penny and then some; everything on their menu looks, sounds or tastes amazing! I especially love their Chicken Korma, paired with a tantalising cocktail or cafe latte.


To end your date on a sweet note, share a delectable dessert or buy a bunch of fresh roses from the Rose Room (near the entrance).


  • A Night at the Ballet with the Artscape Opera House


Few experiences can be as fun and thrilling as getting dressed up to the nines for a ballet show or live music performance at the Artscape Theatre, Cape Town’s iconic home for performing arts.

COVID kept us at home and stifled artists for two years so it is refreshing to see the stunning comeback that local productions, musicians and performers are making.

In 2022, I attended two incredible ballet performances at the Artscape and they blew me away. So much so, that I cannot wait for the next ones!


The sense of occasion, amazing sets and choreography, bewitching ballet performances and above all, breathtaking live performances from the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra and Cape Town City Ballet make a ballet or show at the Artscape truly incredible.

I love the buzz, the bubbly, beverages and snacks available to enjoy before shows (or during the short intelrval – although you do have to hurry, as no food or drink is allowed inside during performances!) and above all, the spellbinding performances that you enjoy in the plush, elegant comfort of the esteemed Artscape Opera House.

A Glitzy Night or Afternoon for Couples

For ballet productions, like Veronica Paeper’s Romeo and Juliet or much loved The Nutcracker, there are usually both afternoon- and evening-shows to choose from.

The evening shows can run quite late – anywhere from 10-11pm, so keep this in mind if you are attending them with children.

Pre-theatre cocktails at The Bailey

My best tip is to enjoy pre-theatre cocktails (The Bailey on Bree is a perfect place to book) or a bite to eat so you can relax and enjoy the evening in style. This is honestly such a fitting date night for cultured couples.

Ticket prices per person vary depending on seating (anywhere from R200 – R495 per ticket). Tickets are purchased online through Computicket.

Shows can sell out fast so keep an eye on Artscape Theatre and Cape Town City Ballet’s socials for the latest performances and ballet shows.


Pro tip: Out of respect to the performances and the occasion, smart casual to formal dress code is strongly recommended for ballet performances at the Artscape. Most ladies dress in stylish pant suits or elegant skirts/dresses (paired with a coat or throw in winter), while men usually wear a smart dress shirt and pants or even a suit.

  • Wine tasting, Bubbly and Signature Gin Cocktails in a Historic Tunnel with The CellarClub


If you are history buffs or you enjoy good drinks, this is one of the coolest date experiences you can have. The CellarClub (Tunnel) is a unique experience for Capetonians and visitors to enjoy near the V&A Waterfront.

Situated outside and just within a historic tunnel, next to the Ulundi parking, The CellarClub offers elegant, yet relaxed drinks and tasty nibbles in a piece of Cape Town history.

The tunnel itself was originally built or created around 186o when builders needed to get stone quarried from what is now the modern-day V&A Waterfront Marina to the other side of the Portswood Ridge to build the breakwater.


They dug out a long cutting and employed convicts to push “cocopans full of stone” to where Quay 5 is today. Later on, the cutting was roofed over and added on. During World War II, it was converted (though never used) into a air-raid shelter.



Today, it echoes of the past and provides a cool, yet fascinating heritage site wherein you can now enjoy wine tastings, cocktails, bubbly and some snacks.

The location feels exclusive and concealed among the climbing vines and above the main road where pedestrians and cars unknowingly pass it by.

Yet here one finds wicker lounge furniture, strung fairy lights and umbrellas in a relaxed courtyard area (that somehow feels like a slice of Europe’s cafรฉ culture), with further intimate two-seater tables within the shelter of the tunnel.

Sugarbird Gin Cocktails in a Cool Cape Town Tunnel


We opted to sit in the tunnel and it really felt like drinking cocktails in some underground air-raid tunnel in London. Just with bright lights of green, purple and white and tasteful paintings set along the walls to set a modern, fun mood.

Service is friendly and welcoming and the CellarClub Tunnel offers a selection of wines (including three wines for R100), signature gin cocktails and a small, yet decent selection of nibbles, including a really tasty charcuterie and cheese platter. (Their food menu and nibbles are provided by one of their partners, excellent Cause | Effect across the road.)


Our double-shot cocktails – Pretty in Pelargonium (Sugarbird Pino and Pelargonium gin, geranium and rose syrup, pink tonic, mint and raspberries) and Cleo’s Sugarbird Soul Glitter Wonderland (Sugarbird Safari Glitter gin, Martini Rosso and lime and litchi syrup) were divine and well-priced as cocktails go.


Overall, I loved mine best (Pretty in Pelargonium) but we both enjoyed our cocktails.


In addition to our drinks, we tried the Cheese and Charcuterie platter. This came with a tasty mix of toasted bread, cheeses (camembert, gouda, cheddar, blue cheese and cream cheese balls), onion preserve and pear slices. We really liked the platter and it was more than enough for two sharing.


This is a fun, unique and relaxed date experience in a literal piece of Cape Town’s history. Best of all, The CellarClub also offers venue hire in this interesting setting.




Creative Indoor Activities for Couples


If you are an artsy or creative couple or even if just your partner is into art like mine, Clay Cafe In The City’s fun clay ceramic painting is a great date activity.

No one expects you to be the next Picasso here – it’s all about having fun and bonding over a shared activity.



While their flagship branch remains in Hout Bay, Clay Cafe has added a creative element to Bree Street with their relatively new inner city branch.

The concept is fairly simple: make a booking, choose a ceramic to paint, have fun and then come back to collect in 3-4 weeks once it has been glazed and is ready to take home.

Paint First, Eat Later (If Desired)


When we visited, we sat downstairs and opted to eat first before starting our painting experience. In hindsight, this was a mistake – as the painting experience is clearly the main focus here, despite it being a cafe.

Their food and drinks are good, no question. But waiting nearly an hour for food like we did before painting is not necessarily something you want to do. Especially when you only have 2.5 hours allotted to your table to eat and paint.


Also, keep in mind: if you visit before 12:00 pm and order, you are heavily restricted in terms of food options.

This was not apparent from the website menu before visiting so it came as a slight shock to me.

So if you want to order from the full menu, it’s best to eat or visit for a meal after 12:00 pm.


So rather paint your ceramics and then grab a bite to eat, if you want. It removes the stress of waiting anxiously for food before you can begin your art activity!

Also, your table space is heavily hampered when you are painting and it can get messy so I wouldn’t eat and paint simultaneously.

Tip: If you want the full cafe vibe, rather sit upstairs. Downstairs may be closer to all the art supplies and goodies but it definitely lacks the cafe atmosphere and there are fewer staff present.

Clay Ceramic Painting in Bustling Bree Street

As for the painting experience itself: this is great fun for kids and adults alike!


Although we did find that, apart from a checklist near the art station (where all paintbrushes, stencils, stickers, cleaning paper and art supplies are kept) – no one really explains what steps to follow. (Or at least, this was our experience on a busy Saturday morning.)

I hope in time the cafe ensures this is more clear-cut and that the waiters guide guests from the get-go.

How It Works for All the Non-Artists Among Us


The process is simple, though: you pay R40 studio fee per person and this guarantees a maximum of three paint colours, one ceramic of your choice and 2.5 hours for painting and eating per table.

In three to four weeks, once your ceramics are ready, you receive a notification to come back and collect them! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

When you choose your three colour tubs, note the handy, nearby colour chart wall. This is important because it shows you how your colours look once they have gone through the kiln for glazing!ย 


Once you have chosen your colours, head to the ceramics room, where you have a range of pre-made ceramic moulds to choose from.

There is everything from angels to whale plates to mugs and bowls and even skulls.


Ceramic moulds are priced from about R95-R250. So keep in mind, this is what you pay in addition to your studio fee and any food and drinks you order.

On average, you can easily pay about R200-R350 per person for the experience. It is worth it though because you get a lovely keepsake or hand-painted gift for someone you love!

Some of the items – like the sneakers – also help raise funds for causes in need so you can give back by purchasing these! ๐Ÿ™‚


Have Fun and Be Creative

When you have chosen your ceramic, give it a quick dip in the water tub to wet it and grab a black tray.

Carry it back to your table (where you have a water bottle for diluting your paints and tub for rinsing your brushes in) and begin!


There is no pressure here – you can sketch a design, stencil a pattern or simply paint from scratch unguided. You can use all three of your colours, blend them together to creative something fresh or simply just make a basic design using one or two colours like I did.

The painting is really fun and oddly therapeutic. The paint seems fairly water-based and washes off easily so don’t worry if you mess on your clothes or the table/tray areas. (I foolishly wore a white t-shirt and managed fine!)

Painting Etiquette

The paint dries quickly but ensure you don’t have too much water on your paintbrush when you dip into the paint colours because it gets super watery, super fast.

Also, please don’t dip your dirty brush into different colour tubs.

The paint colours go back on the wall and dirty tubs becomes the next person’s problem. A part of my ceramic was actually marred by a dirty tub so please rather clean your brush properly during and after your paint session.


Once you are done painting, remember to mark, paint or scratch your table reference number into the ceramic and take a photo of the ceramic for your reference.

If you scratch the number in with a nail like we did, paint over that spot again to ensure the ceramic doesn’t split open in the heat later on.

When you are done painting, the staff can clean up the table after you – but please still try wipe or tidy up what you can. And remember to wash your brushes and painting items off well while they are still damp.

Picasso, I Like It


Overall, this was a great activity for couples, friends, families (yes, kids will love this too!) and even work groups.

It is a soothing, fun and pressure-free experience that allows you to be as creative and detailed as you like. Or, like me, you can go basic and simply have a good time.


Competitive or Fun Outdoorsy Adventures for Two


If you are a couple who likes to hike, adventure or bike together, then this section is perfect for you.


If you are a couple with a competitive streak, then archery at Thali Thali Game Lodge near Langebaan, West Coast is the perfect outdoor activity for you.

Plus, let’s face it, we all look pretty cool standing, with a bow and arrow poised and ready to shoot… Cupid, take your shot!


If you prefer something a little less competitive but no less romantic – then why not factor in one of Thali Thali’s incredible game drives?

A wholesome meal at their restaurant with an optional overnight stay are also great ways to bond together at this unique nature farm and game lodge.

Read my full review here.


One of the most romantic and memorable experiences I have ever enjoyed was hiking and camping in the Cederberg Wilderness Area.

Aside from the fact that you scarcely see other humans – there is something really invigorating and special about disappearing to this wild, untamed place with your significant other.


If you love unique, memorable nature hikes and camping under the stars, this one is for you two.

Read my full review here.


Another surprisingly fun and romance-inducing activity was our memorable ziplining adventure near Elgin.

Cape Canopy Tour’s family-friendly ziplining experience is great for all ages but is particularly lovely to enjoy as a couple.


Not only does it require a certain degree of courage, which builds trust between you both, but it also shows you another, more adventurous, adrenaline-loving side of your partner – perhaps one you never expected to find.

Read my full review here.

Photo credit: Elgin Adventure Centre

Although I enjoyed this e-bike adventure with Elgin Adventure Centre as a solo travel trip, I have no doubt that it will be great fun for couples. Especially if you enjoy cycling or exploring new places together.


As a bonus, Elgin Adventure Centre offers a range of different outdoor-themed tours, so if e-biking isn’t for you, book one of their other experiences to enjoy together.

Read my full review here.

  • Take to the Sky and Enjoy a (Shared) Helicopter Flight Around the Mother City


Arguably one of the most incredible experiences I have ever enjoyed in Cape Town (or anywhere, in fact) is a scenic city flight with Cape Town Helicopters.ย 

This excellent tour operator has a range of flight options to suit every whim and budget. Best of all, you can even arrange a shared flight. (This usually works out cheaper for all concerned!)


This is really one of those bucket list experiences that is beyond special to share with the one you love. Sure, it’s a bit of a pricier date but it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so if you have to save up for it, then so be it!


Just remember to check the weather beforehand and hope for the best on the day, as flights are weather-dependent. So they can be cancelled as close as half an hour before your due departure time.

  • Explore the V&A Waterfront and Silo District on Foot and Enjoy a Day Full of Adventure


I love walking around the V&A Waterfront with a partner – there is so much to see and do here!

Whether you need museums, retail therapy, food and drink offerings, fun experiences or something more slow-paced like a visit to the aquarium, the Waterfront and nearby Silo District are a hub of fun for two.



Start your date with a fun browse of the shops, before heading to the Clocktower Precinct, Two Oceans Aquarium or even the Zeitz MOCCA for the very best scenery and Cape Town attractions on offer.


You could end your date with a restful harbour cruise with City Sightseeing Cape Town or enjoy a romantic sunset champagne cruise with one of the local Waterfront operators like Tigger2 Royale.

After all, what’s more romantic and special than a cruise on the ocean with champagne, good company and beautiful city views?



If Good Food and Drink is the Way to Their Heart…


They say food is the way to the heart… well, if that’s true of you and your lover, take a look at some of these foodie options:


Now, high teas might not be for everyone (especially for men) – but personally, I think they are an incredibly fun food experience for couples to enjoy together.


Not only are you feasting on the very best food – savoury and sweet alike – but it’s an excuse to dress up a bit and enjoy a more high-end date experience without breaking the bank.


If sophisticated food dates are your thing, book a high tea for two at The Table Bay Hotel.

Read my full review here.

  • Winelands Picnics Perfect for Two


Over the years, I have enjoyed several amazing picnics in the Cape Winelands and I have to say, this remains my favourite couples’ activity. (I also consider wine farm picnics a great way to pop the question!)


Not only is it romantic and fun but you get to spend quality time together at a slower pace, while feasting away on great food and (optional) wine.


Many of the estates around the Western Cape now offer picnics but some of the ones I can recommend from personal experience include:



Pictured: Gluten-free tea option

Update: Regrettably, the Russian Tea Ceremony has been discontinued as confirmed by Hazendal in February 2023.

This one might not be for every couple but again, if you love food and drink and a special, unique experience for two, I find Hazendal’s authentic Russian tea ceremony perfectly romantic and ideal for couples.


With a generous, fascinating array of treats (both savoury and sweet), a beautiful estate setting and excellent service, it’s hard to go wrong with this fun date idea.

Best of all, Hazendal offers plenty of our interesting experiences for all ages to enjoy, so it is perfect for couples and families to visit.

Photo credit: Alicia Chamaillรฉ

Read my full review here.


This cocktail bar, art gallery and lounge serves up some incredible cocktails. Everything from the classics to their own specially curated ones.

We loved the Hennessy Vanilla Sourz and the incredibly fun Artists Choice Gin Canvas. This one is especially fun as you can essentially build-your-own G&T cocktail using a spectrum of flavour enchancers.


I loved this DIY creation and had great fun experimenting with sweet, sour and citrusy flavours alike! Even for non-gin lovers, this one could win you over because you can create it to your liking. Add flavours slowly, sip and savour until you are happy with your concoction.



We had a blast on this easy, fun couples’ date!

They also have a nice food menu – including sushi and sweet temptation desserts.

Service was friendly and the setting is stylish and relaxed indoors and out. Artezian on Bree also has some cool events, especially during the week, so keep an eye out for those!



  • Vergelegen Garden Stroll, with Lunch or a Picnic


Vergelegen, a historic gem tucked away in Somerset West, is one of my favourite wine farms around.

Not only is it perhaps one of the most beautiful, with a wide array of stunning garden spaces, elegant, well-maintained Cape Dutch buildings and family-friendly experiences but it’s a great estate for couples to explore together.


After a lengthy, magical self-guided tour of their gardens and buildings, why not stay for lunch at either Stables or Camphors – or enjoy one of their amazing, ‘white tablecloth’ picnics under the majestic, old Camphor trees?


Read my full review here.ย 

Another surprising pick but one that we thoroughly enjoyed was Canto Wines’ popular MCC and Macaroon tasting.

There is something flirty, fun and relaxing about this unique pairing that makes it great for enjoying with close friends or your partner. Either way, this experience is sure to leaving you fizzing with warm, fuzzy feelings and sweetness!


Canto Wines is also a gorgeous wedding venue so if you are on the lookout for a special place to host your wedding, a visit to this Durbanville estate may kill two birds with one stone!

Read my full review here.



Another incredibly special date experience we enjoyed was a fine dining dinner at Gรฅte Restaurant at Quoin Rock.

Although this is by no means a cheap outing, I think sometimes in life, it’s worth splurging a bit on once-in-a-lifetime type experience that can be shared and savoured with the one you love.


Gรฅte has since changed head chefs a few times since we visited but the restaurant’s culinary mastery and elegant, sophisticated dining offering remain the same.


If dining at Gรฅte is a bit beyond your budget, don’t fret. The estate also offers lovely picnics now; these are equally ideal for a romantic winelands treat.

Read my full review here.


The Kraal Restaurant is one of the most special food experiences I have enjoyed to date – and in that same vein, it was also one of our best lunch dates

Not only is this Stellenbosch restaurant and estate, Joostenberg Wine Estate, positively beautiful but they offer a uniquely country-chic, down-to-earth farm experience for all ages.


A weekend lunch at The Kraal is perfect for quality time with the one you love. Especially as it involves tucking into incredible, wholesome food and sublime wine at the same time!


Read my full review here.


If you enjoy trying new craft beers as a couple, you are going to love The Franschhoek Beer Co! Even as a non-beer drinker, I was blown out of the water by their incredible craft beers, mindful approach and above all, beautiful eatery and brewery setup.

This is definitely one of Franschhoek’s understated local gems and a place I think more couples and families need to discover!


Aside from their impressive drinks menu – which includes everything from beer tastings to their very own G&T – The Franschhoek Beer Co also offers an excellent food menu. This makes it the perfect spot for a fun, yet relaxing lunch date.

Read my full review here.

De Meye and The Table at De Meye are two of the most magical travel and wine experiences I have discovered to date.

While the estate itself is like something straight out of the pages of Country Life,ย the restaurant offering is what really seals the deal for me.


The Table at De Meye has changed hands in recent times but I absolutely love what the new owners are doing with it. In addition to their famous, highly rated winelands lunches, they also recently launched the dreamiest picnic offering around.


I have enjoyed several incredible wine farm picnics and it’s always hard to choose a favourite – but De Meye’s picnic offering ranks pretty much top of my list at present.

Best of all, both their picnics and lunches are hugely romantic and ideal for couples, friends and families alike to enjoy.

Read my full review here.

Last but by no means least is the spectacular Franschhoek Wine Tram.

This experience is ideal for locals and visitors alike because it allows you to explore several incredible Franschhoek wine farms in one fun, jam-packed day.


Depending on the line you choose and the estates, you can enjoy a unique array of offerings. All in addition to your fun hop-on, hop-off wine farm adventure.

The tram ticket is not inclusive of meals, wine tastings and picnics or cellar tours. However, at some estates, as a tram visitor, you can enjoy selected discounts.


I think this is a really fun, outdoorsy offering. It is great for both wine lovers and non-wine drinkers because you can to see and do so much in one memorable day trip!

Read my full review here.


Blissful Nature Experiences for You and Your Love

Few things are more romantic and grounding than a blissful escape to nature with the one you love.

Whether that’s a soothing sunset drive along the coastline; a lazy day at the beach or a fun day’s exploring, nature is where your love can really flourish.

  • A Day’s Adventuring at Cape Point Nature Reserve


Cape Point Nature Reserve is always top of my must-visit list when people ask me for local travel recommendations.

This uniquely beautiful, fiercely wild place offers so much for all ages to see, do and enjoy.


Whether you like to discover secret beaches; check out old lighthouses; stand atop impressive coastal cliff faces, with wild white horses crashing far below you; or simply enjoy viewing some of the Cape’s incredible fauna and flora in their natural habitat, this reserve is for you.


I find Cape Point Nature Reserve to be hugely fun and exciting for couples too. Because with a classy restaurant offering, gorgeous reserve beaches, braai and picnic spots and more, it is the perfect adventure for two.

Read my full review here.

  • A Visit to Boulders Beach or Stony Point Penguin Colonies


Boulders Beach and its famous, adorable resident penguin colony need very little introduction. But Stony Point is a lesser known but equally thrilling reserve, home to penguins.


Personally, I adore both for a variety of different reasons. But if you are after a uniquely lovely day out, then you can’t go wrong with either Boulders or Stony Point. Especially as it means seeing these amazing little tuxedoed dudes!


If you are heading to Stony Point Nature Reserve, another special, romantic highlight is Clarence Drive. With this coastal drive thrown in, it’s essentially a two-for-one date experience!


Read my full review of Boulders here.

Read my full review of Stony Point Nature Reserve here.


In Closing

These are just some of the most special date ideas you can enjoy around the Western Cape with your love! ๐Ÿ™‚

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