Best Places to Propose in the Western Cape

After the phenomenal success of and interest in my ‘Best Wedding Venues for Travellers in the Cape Winelands’ post, I realised there was a noticeable desire among couples to find incredible places to cement their love.

But let’s face it… You can’t plan a wedding without first proposing! And so this post was born…

As I find or think of more places, I will keep updating this list with the best proposal spots scattered all across the Western Cape.

My Best Proposal Spots in the Western Cape

Nowadays, many couples discuss getting engaged long before the ring is even bought… In fact, some even shop for the ‘dream ring’ together. While others go so far as to re-enact their proposal during a romantic couples’ shoot… Each to their own! ๐Ÿ™‚


But for die-hard romantics like myself, a proposal should be a surprise. (Just one you should have discussed and carefully considered together in advance.)

But if you know they are your person – and you two wish to love each other for life… I say: why not let it be a day filled with heart-in-mouth suspense, nervously careful planning and happy tears?

Go on… Surprise Them

So, if you want to keep things old-school and plan a completely secret proposal, this post is for you.

Here is a round-up of the best proposal spots in the Western Cape – and ideal activities to go hand-in-hand (pun intended!) with them:

Candelight, Champagne and Cosy Caves…

Weltevrede Wine Estate (Bonnievale)

Photo credit: Liezel Malherbe, 9Lives

When I first visited Weltevrede Wine Estate for their incredible, blast-from-the-past underground wine tasting, I remember thinking – as I sipped their gorgeous, award-winning MCC – “Now, isn’t this romantic?”

During this unique wine tasting, time stands still, as you sit in the cosy, candlelit recesses of the farm’s old underground cellars.

Here, amass a sea of golden, flickering candles, you learn more about the estate history, its wines – and of course, how these cellars (home to 80-year-old fermentation tanks) came to, well, light.

Booking is required – but if you book an underground cellar tasting for you and your beloved… why not get the Weltevrede staff in on the secret and order some sneaky MCC too?

Then, once the stories from the past are finished… You can look to the future, as you, far removed from everyone else, kneel down in candlelight and ask for her hand.

This will be an extremely intimate and altogether romantic proposal. If she’s a soft-hearted romantic or whimsical dreamer, she will adore this.


If you two want to take photos afterwards (or during), bring a decent DSLR camera along because it can be quite dimly lit down in the cellar.

So, instead, I actually recommend taking your main photos by the tasting room. There is a beautiful courtyard area, which wistfully overlooks the rest of this special Bonnievale estate… It offers picture-perfect Breede River beauty at its best.

Tip: Weltevrede is also a popular wedding venue, which can host 50 – 150 guests. So when you two do tie the knot, why not do so in a place which really means something to your relationship?

Contact information: +27 (023) 616 2141, info@weltevrede.com

Website: weltevrede.com

Cost: R120 per person for the standard underground tasting.

Location: R317, Bonnievale, Western Cape, South Africa.


Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery (Durbanville Wine Valley)


Klein Roosboom is one of the most lovely wine estates I have visited – but it’s also the keeper of one of Cape Town’s best-kept winetasting secrets… For, at this beautiful Durbanville estate, you will find a very different tasting centre – and you can book a winetasting experience in your own ‘cave’!

The estate has reclaimed and lovingly restored the former wine storage facilities (‘caves’) and in so doing, they have created romantic, oh-so-fun wine tasting nooks for their visitors. These can accommodate several people but they are perfect for a cosy tasting-for-two…. Especially if you want to propose!

Each cave has been tastefully decked out with roses, soft natural lighting, old-fashioned decor pieces and ornate mirrors. Together, these elements really set the mood nicely.


The estate’s wines are also beautiful (their whites and rose wines are especially great). So I recommend doing a normal tasting – perhaps combined with a delicious cheese and charcuterie platter for two – and then, asking her – but really, do whatever feels right to you.

Either way, you are guaranteed a special spot, with relative privacy, to propose.

Tip: For me, the lighting was more than substantial inside the caves – but there are some lovely places to pose outside, if needed.

Contact information: +27 (060) 877 2678, info@kleinroosboom.co.za

Website: kleinroosboom.co.za

Cost: Price on request (call or email for more information).

Location: M13 (Tygerberg Valley Road), Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa.


From on High

Tranquility Cracks (near Camps Bay)


Tranquility Cracks is an incredible cluster of jigsaw-type rock formations. This unique place overlooks both Camps Bay and the back of upper Table Mountain.

The route up to the phenomenal Cracks is accessible via the Pipe Tracks trail.

Overall, it is a relatively easy hike for the most part (the steepest, hardest section being Corridor Ravine). It takes several hours up and down, anything between 4-6, I would say.

But the views from up here are spectacular! And it is so cool to be able to actually walk in the Cracks (where mini forests even grow).

When I hiked it, we packed in thermo flask coffee and lunch, which we enjoyed among the Cracks themselves. It is still one of my most memorable hiking adventures to date.

Plus, for the entire time we were up by the Cracks, we saw only one other couple. So, while it is generally a quieter CT hike, it might just be the ideal place for a jawdropping proposal.


Whether you hike up with the ring or not is your call… But I would at least let someone know your plan in advance. In fact, you could even invite a friend or two along.

And please keep your precious commodity hidden before and afterwards… It’s just better to be safe than sorry, especially out in the city’s wilderness.

But honestly, the views are swoonworthy… and what better place to propose from up on high, with the gorgeous ocean far below?

Contact information: N/A

Website: tamlynamberwanderlust.com/hiking-table-mountain-national-parks-pipe-track/

Cost: Free to hike.

Location: Camps Bay, Cape Town, Western Cape.


Protea Farm Tractor Ride (Koo Valley)


The Koo Valley is one of South Africa’s coldest, most fruitful valleys (and yes, it’s where KOO canned food originates from)… But it’s also home to some unique local attractions, including the now-famous Montagu tractor ride.

What started out in 1985, is still going strong to this day. And every Wednesday and Saturday (excluding bad weather conditions or routine annual maintenance – normally in October), this thrilling tractor ride takes visitors from Protea Farm – one of the valley’s finest – up to the top of the spectacular Langeberg mountains.

The trip reaches an amazing altitude of 1500 metres above sea level. The views are meant to be glorious from up there. And although I grew up in the valley, I have sadly never personally done the tractor ride – but everyone I’ve spoken to (including one of the main drivers, who is a good family friend) agrees that this is an unforgettable experience for young and old.

On your way up, you can enjoy taking in the natural beauty of the Koo Valley. This lovely valley is quite special in that it enjoys heavy snowfalls during wintertime. This transforms it into a winter wonderland, ensuring it is even more appealing.

Once you reach the summit and disembark, you can also see over into the Robertson Wine Valley on the mountain range’s opposite side. There is a brief stop at the adorable mountain hut (visible from below in the valley) for a surprise – and then it’s time to head back down.


To me, this stop is a fun and adventurous opportunity for a proposal… I mean, proposing on top of a mountain is pretty epic in general. And when you throw in gorgeous wooden cabins as accommodation options, Protea Farm seems like the perfect place for a significant weekend away.

Tip: I recommend booking one of their delightful cabins – Waterblommetjie, Pine Tree, Ou Opstal or Panorama Cottage respectively – for the weekend and heading up on Saturday for the tractor ride, if it’s on-going.

Contact information: +27 (023) 614 3012

Website: proteafarm.co.za

Cost: R140 per adult (tractor trips run on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:00 am, weather-permitting). Accommodation prices vary but can be found here.

Location: Protea Farm, Koo Valley, R318, Montagu, Western Cape, South Africa.


Sunset on Table Mountain (Cape Town)


Let’s face it: Table Mountain is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. It is, in essence, the natural heart of the Mother City. And, of late, it has also become a pretty popular place to propose… Admittedly, I can see why.

Whether you choose to hike up (either via India Venster or Platteklip Gorge) – or use the famous (yet pricey) cable car for quick access, it’s sure to be a special occasion.


There are plenty of trail paths around the mountain to explore. Plus, glorious views over Cape Town, Camps Bay and beyond from atop the mountain. There is also the Table Mountain Cafe and its excellent-sounding ‘Very High Tea’ option, if you wish to grab a good bite to eat.


Personally, though, I recommend going up at sunset and proposing then. The sights are spectacular any time of day – but few places look more stunning than Table Mountain at sunset. (Again, I have this on good authority; I’ve only been up Table Mountain during normal daytime hours.)

Either way, Table Mountain is a unique natural wonder in Cape Town… and it will make for a good story someday when people ask you where you got engaged. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tip: If you want professional engagement photos, you could plan a couple’s shoot on the mountain – and then surprise her by going down on one knee!


Contact information: +27 (021) 424 0015, info@tablemountain.net

Website: www.tablemountain.net

Cost: Cable car tickets (return ticket) R330 per adult; (one-way ticket) R190 per adult. Hiking up is free.

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.


Helicopter Ride (Cape Town)

Arguably one of the best ways to experience the Mother City in all its glory, is from a helicopter or plane. There are a few local tour operators – like NAC Helicopters, Cape Town Helicopters and Sport Helicopters Cape Town to name a few – who offer a range of stunning city and winelands trips. Each gives you a different route and perspective of the city.


Personally, having flown with them, I can strongly recommend Cape Town Helicopters. They were incredible from start to finish – everything from booking my flight to every moment at their facility on the day.

Their staff are outstanding, professional and friendly and the pilots are superb. I flew with pilot Willem for the City Express flight (as a shared trip) and it was incredible. I cannot stress this enough.


This has got to be the ultimate experience for a couple to do together… and while you cannot propose in a helicopter, you can certainly do so afterwards.

So, when you’re both coming down from a high (literally) thanks to the adrenaline and the gorgeous scenery you have just soaked in… why not ask that all-important question?

Personally, I would definitely say yes to marriage after a helicopter flight. It is one of the most amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences out there. In fact, I think it might just be my dream proposal now. ๐Ÿ™‚


Tip: Keep the weather in mind when booking as trips are dependent on this.ย 

Contact information: Various

Website: Various

Cost: Tour- and package-pricing varies depending on your selected trip and flight.


By the Water…


Tigger2 Sunset Cruise (V&A Waterfront, Cape Town)

The Tigger2 (or Tigger Too) Royale is a 55-foot, luxury catamaran that operates from the V&A Waterfront.

She can cater to 70 guests and offers everything from wedding celebrations to romantic sunset champagne cruises, making her perfect for a fun or romantic trip.



With a main dining area, upper chill lounge, open back deck and open sundeck, guests can enjoy a range of comfortable seating options, all with incredible ocean views.


I booked a normal, one-hour afternoon cruise (with no refreshments included, although you can purchase drinks on-board) and it was amazing!

Everyone had a blast; the views of the Mother City, Table Mountain and the ocean were stunning; the vibe was carefree and fun; and it was indeed a luxurious cruise.


As someone who practically grew up on a boat and loves the water, I could definitely say yes to a sunset champagne cruise proposal on this stylish catamaran.

Tip: They have a range of different cruise trip options but the 1.5 hour-champagne sunset cruise is undoubtedly the perfect one to pick if you plan to pop the question! ๐Ÿ™‚


Contact information: +27 (021) 418 0241, 082 852 4383, info@tigger2.co.za

Website: tiggertoo.co.za

Cost:ย For latest rates and cruise offers, please see their website.

Location: Tigger2 Royale Catamaran, V&A Waterfront (T-Jetty, near Hildebrand Restaurant), Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.


Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate (Overberg Region)


Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate, in the stunning Overberg Region, is one of my all-time favourite estates. It offers so much to see and do – everything from pirate putt-putt golf to lavish tea tastings.

But for me, one of their most special and romantic experiences is the hour-long pontoon cruise. (It’s something that I still think about with fond travel memories a year on.)

The lovely Lady Bonnie pontoon boat takes you from the estate’s pier, across the peaceful lagoon to a secret beach…

During your boat ride to the beach and back, you can sip your wine and cuddle up together, as you take in the beauty of this natural, well-preserved space. Mountains, bird life and the estate surround you; it’s magic out there on the water.


Upon arrival at the beach, you can disembark and toast to a bright future on pristine white dunes… and when the moment is right, go down on one knee. With the lagoon on one side and the ocean crashing on the other, it’s sure to be a visually spectacular, memorable beach proposal.

And, if you really want to go all out and spoil your partner on the day, why not enjoy lunch at Moody Lagoon or a tea tasting? Or perhaps even some pirate putt-putt or a wine tasting?

Tip: Cruises are available Wednesday to Sunday, weather-permitting and booking, while not essential, is preferred. If you would like to enjoy wine on your trip, please arrive an hour prior to the trip’s commencement to purchase your wine.

Contact information: +27 (021) 944 1041 (head office), info@benguelacove.co.za

Website: benguelacove.co.za

Cost: Prichttps://www.benguelacove.co.za/e on request.

Location: R43, Bot River Lagoon, Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa.


Stark-Conde Wines (Jonkershoek Valley)


Stark-Conde Wines, in Stellenbosch, is one of the most beautiful places I have been to… Seriously.

This hidden wine estate is well-loved and famed for its impressive setting, which sees it surrounded by the beauty of the popular Jonkershoek Valley.

Add to that a stunning lake, a cosy cafe called Postcard Cafe – and a truly unique positioning for its tasting room… and you have a picture-perfect proposal spot!

Dropping to your knee and asking for her hand in this beautiful location is sure to take her breath away and almost guarantee you an emphatic yes – especially if she loves nature. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tip: Few spots can be as scenic and gorgeous for a proposal – but why not pop the question after a winetasting or cafe visit to keep your partner from suspecting anything?

Contact information: +27 (021) 861 7700, info@stark-conde.co.za

Website: stark-conde.co.za

Location: Jonkershoek Valley, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa.

During a Winelands’ Picnic

Most wine estates offer incredible picnics these days – but, to me, there are only a few that really set the mood for a romantic proposal.

My top picks (see websites for additional information) are:

  • Spier Wine Farm (Stellenbosch)

Website: www.spier.co.za



  • Boschendal Wine Farm (Franschhoek)

Website: www.boschendal.com



  • Mont Rochelle (Franschhoek)

Website: www.virginlimitededition.com/en/mont-rochelle


  • La Bri (Franschhoek)

Website: www.labri.co.za


I feel each of these estates offer romantic, gorgeous picnic experiences. And I can definitely envision any of them as the setting for an ideal picnic proposal.

At Spier and Mont Rochelle, you can look forward to unique settings by the dam. This makes the picnic even greater fun, ensuring particularly memorable picnic experiences.

Boschendal offers a range of different picnic options/locations – each setting lovely in their own right. Their picnics certainly need no introduction either.

La Bri is perfect on the peaceful lawn beneath the trees. Their picnics are most beautifully packaged.

The picnics are all of the highest quality, with a filling basket’s worth of delicious goodies (including dessert). What’s more, you can order drinks or wine to accompany your picnic. And, if there are no picnic tables or dedicated spots to enjoy on the estate, usually a blanket and cushions can be provided.

Contact information: various

Website: Please see above.

Cost: Picnics-for-two vary according to the estate and picnic offering selected. Booking is essential and must generally be made at least 24 hours in advance. Picnics are either only available seasonally and/or in good weather conditions.

Location: Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa.


Back to the Beach at Cape Point


Cape Point is one of the most stunning, wild places in the Western Cape – and one of the most mind-blowing locations for a proposal you will find anywhere in the world.

With its pristine secret beaches, iconic lighthouses, hiking trails and vast stretches disturbed only by fauna and flora, you really are spoiled for choice in terms of where (and how) to pop the question.

You could pretty much choose anywhere – but if your partner is a beach babe like me, you really cannot go wrong with either the more famous, visually spectacular Dias Beach or the lesser known Platboom Beach. Although Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve have a few other beaches – like Maclear, which is also lovely and fairly easy to find – these two are certainly the stand-outs for me.

Dias Beach


Dias Beach is the place to go for an epic proposal. It is like something straight out of the Greek Isles or Caribbean – just with crashing waves and looming, ragged cliff faces encircling it.

However, you need to make a short hike down to the beach. This is moderately difficult, as your legs get a bit tired from all those wooden steps – but it’s so worth it.

Once you are down there, I recommend waiting for a quiet moment. If you are lucky, you might just have this beautiful beach all to yourself for the big moment. Oh and you definitely want to have a camera with, as this is the stuff of engagement legend. At least as far as setting and photographs are concerned.

Contact information: +27 (021) 7809010, info@capepoint.co.za

Website: capepoint.co.za

Cost: South African adults (with ID) R76; SADC Nationals R152 (per adult) and International Visitors R303 (per adult).

Location: Cape Point/Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

Platboom Beach


Platboom Beach, on the other hand, is my favourite pick for a more intimate, just-the-two-of-us kind of proposal. I have walked there at sunset and we were entirely alone in the sandy dunes, with only the crashing waves, soft bird calls and ostrich prints left behind in the sand within sight or sound.

This is certainly the ideal location for a gentle approach to your proposal and one that can be filled with immense meaning and closeness, if you time it right. The beach isn’t as easy to find as Dias Beach – but it’s there for those who know how to adventure properly, following every path they find. (There is also the odd sign or two… but I’m enjoying being dramatic.)

Contact information: +27 (021) 7809010, info@capepoint.co.za

Website: capepoint.co.za

Cost: South African adults (with ID) R76; SADC Nationals R152 (per adult) and International Visitors R303 (per adult).

Location: Cape Point/Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.


A Dreamy Garden Proposal at De Meye (Stellenbosch)


Situated in leafy Muldersvlei, near Stellenbosch, family-owned De Meye Vineyards is now officially one of my favourite places on earth.

As you progress down their oak-lined drive towards lush vineyards and sprawling, picturesque lawns edged by white-washed buildings (like something straight out of the French or Italian countryside), the magic of De Meye becomes apparent.


With gorgeous gardens (including their thriving veggie patch), winetasting, cheese platters and famous lunches at The Table at De Meye, this estate feels truly dreamy.

Add to that their newly added farm picnics in the garden and you have the perfect setting for a breathtaking proposal. (I would definitely say yes here! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


While the lunches at The Table at De Meye offer equally divine setups, I feel the picnics – limited to five pre-booked spots every Friday to Sunday – offer the best proposal setting, thanks to their quiet intimacy, romantic feel and peaceful garden surrounds.

The picnics are set up with tables and/or cushions or chairs provided. (Or even a quilt blanket or cute umbrella, if you are lucky.)


Picnics at De Meye (priced at R600 for two adults sharing) are the perfect feast before – or after – you pop the question. They are so tasty and generously portioned too!

To celebrate, you can even buy some non-alcoholic beverages, juice or wine to enjoy with your picnic – and toast your future in this enchanting place.


Tip:ย De Meye Vineyards can also host gorgeous weddings. So if you really love the estate – why not even plan your special day with them too? ๐Ÿ™‚ I would definitely get married here… It is stunning!

Contact information: +27 (072) 696 0530, bookings@thetablerestaurant.co.za.

Website: demeye.co.za

Cost: Picnics at De Meye are R600 for two adults sharing.

For more details on picnics – or lunches at The Table at De Meye, please contact them directly.

Location: De Meye Vineyards,
Muldersvlei Road, corner ofย Old Paarl Road (R101), Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa.

Best Local Photographers for Couples/Engagement Shoots:

And because no engagement is complete these days without special, lifelong photographic memories, here is my pick of the best Cape Town- and South Africa-based couple photographers, with a link to each of their websites/Facebook page for more information.

To me, each of these photographers really captures the couples’ love and happiness in a fun, most beautiful way.

Please note: Photographer availability and pricing varies.

I have not contacted any of these photographers, nor have I collaborated with them for this particular list; these are just my personal favourites for couple/engagement shoots.

Local Ring Suppliers:

Because I know how difficult and costly it can be to find an amazing ring – especially if you don’t know where and how to look – I have also included a listed of my favourite local ring suppliers, with a link to their websites for more info.

Each jeweller listed offers a range of affordable to high-end rings, depending on your needs, tastes and above all, budget.

Please note: I am not affiliated with any of these ring suppliers, nor have I collaborated with them on this post. These are simply a selection of my personal favourites, based on beauty, ring style and pricing.

Pricing varies greatly (some start at R699, others at R4 000 – or R35 000), both from ring to ring and from one supplier to the next. Also, while most prices are available only via quote/price on request, a few of the rings/sites show individual pricing.

My List of Suppliers:ย 

Ring Tip: There are plenty of ring size guides online and most jewellers can assist with this – but it’s tricky if you don’t know her exact ring size. (And let’s be honest, there’s nothing more embarrassing than buying an ill-fitting or too small engagement ring!)

Your best bet is to either carefully slip one of her rings onto each of your fingers (your pinky or index finger might work best as these fingers are normally smaller and thinner than the others) and see which/where it fits right. Or try find out her ring finger’s size… If you can’t ask her without giving the secret away, ask her parents or close friend to casually source this information for you.

And remember… a ring doesn’t need to cost the earth to win her hand – and heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

It is, however, important to find a special ring, which represents your love, her personality (example: if she hates diamond rings, don’t buy a diamond ring; rather look into other gemstones or even ornate bands) and ring size.

Share Your Joy With Me

If you propose to your partner using any of the ideas from my list, I would love to hear about it and share in your happy moment! ๐Ÿ™‚ So you are welcome to comment on this post, email me or tag me in your posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

Best Wedding Venues in the Cape Winelands

I previously compiled a post on my pick of the Best Wedding Venues for Travellers in the Winelands.

This list features some incredible Winelands wedding venues, with catering services, unique settings and venue prices to suit everyone’s needs… not just travellers!

If you are interested, you can read about the venues here.

And if you want to plan a local honeymoon in the Western Cape, I also have a post on Best Budget Honeymoon Spots. ๐Ÿ™‚

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