My Best Child-Friendly Restaurants and Wine Farms Near Cape Town

The Western Cape, and Cape Town, offer some excellent places for families with children to enjoy. In particular, there are a host of top child-friendly restaurants and wine farms.

While I don’t yet have children of my own (it’s in my game plan, though), I know plenty of people who do. And when I explore new places, I definitely keep travelling families in mind.

Top Child-Friendly Restaurant and Wine Farms in Cape Town and Surrounds:

I believe that both parents and children, irrespective of age, should be able to share incredible adventures together.

Parents should be able to eat at lovely restaurants or visit wine farms… without feeling unwanted, harassed or out of place with kids.

With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite child-friendly restaurants and wine farms near Cape Town.

I hope this post helps promote child-friendly travel, so that nobody puts baby in the corner…

…In Stellenbosch:

Spier is another wine farm that is, and always has felt, incredibly child-friendly. The estate itself is full of beautiful, wide open spaces, lush, rolling lawns, giant boulders (ideal for little climbers) and incredible surrounding views. If I was a parent, Spier would be one of my go-to estates for so many reasons – but particularly because both parents and children have a blast here!


As a parent, you can enjoy special experiences like picnics by the lake, dining at Vada’s Smokehouse and Bakery, the hotel restaurant or the Farm Cafe, lovely hotel accommodation, spa treatments and more.


Fun for the Kids

While for little folk, there are segway tours, Kids’ Clubhouse (reserved for hotel guests only) and even a thrilling grape juice tasting so they can pretend to join in on the winetasting fun.

Best suited to children aged: Children of all ages.

Activities and play facilities on offer: 


For hotel guests:

Little ones staying at the hotel can enjoy the fun and interactive Kids’ Clubhouse. This fun, secure childcare service offers an imaginative variety of developmentally-appropriate activities for children ages 2-12.

Facilities include: two indoor play rooms, two bathrooms, two undercover porches and an outdoor play area. Parents have the option of leaving a pre-packed lunch with or of ordering lunch from the restaurant menu.


For kids older than 12:

Why not take them along for an adventure? Parents and kids over 12 can enjoy the awesome segway tours. Breeze around the farm, exploring the vineyards, River Garden and yin-yang water recycling and re-energising plant.


For kids young and old:

For those under 18 visiting the estate can also enjoy the lovely grape juice tasting. This includes a party packet, tasting two different juices and an educational activity sheet.

Child-changing facilities: Please ask at the estate or restaurants.

Child seats: Please ask at the estate restaurants and hotel restaurant.

Childminders available on-site: Yes, at the Kids’ Clubhouse.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: Yes, Vada’s Smokehouse and Bakery offers family-style platters. There is also a special kids’ section on the menu. On it, you can find options like macaroni and cheese, chipolatas and chips, fried chicken and peas and chips and tomato sauce.

The Farm Cafe also offers a kid-friendly menu, with both breakfast and lunch options.

If you wish to enjoy a picnic at Spier, parents can order a dedicated kids’ picnic for R150 per child.

Contact information: +27 (021) 809 1100,



Blaauwklippen Vineyards is a wonderful estate for the whole family to enjoy. Not only is it a beautiful wine farm to explore – but this Stellenbosch estate also has an excellent family market, great facilities (including special accommodation and wedding/events venues), a kid-friendly eatery in Hamm & Uys and dedicated play area.

Family Market Fun

Perhaps one of the most famous aspects about Blaauwklippen is the Blaauwklippen Family Market. It is the perfect place to spend a fun, enjoyable Sunday in the Western Cape. With a host of food and craft stalls (everything from antiques to colourful African wares and more besides), live music and children’s activities… the market is heaps of fun for everyone!


Spend the day on the lawns beneath the vast fig trees; say hello to the nearby farm animals (including horses, alpacas and goats); or enjoy a tasty meal at Hamm & Uys Eatery, which offers its own jungle gym for kids.

Best suited to children aged: The market has great children’s facilities, including a dedicated play area (focused on those aged 3-13 years), with some additional activities for kids over 13 too.

Activities and play facilities on offer: In addition to the Sunday market fun and play area, Hamm & Uys also offers a jungle gym to keep kids occupied. For older kids, there is free WiFi available at the eatery (if needed).

Child-changing facilities: Yes.

Child seats: Yes.

Childminders available on-site: No.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: Yes, there is a ‘Youngsters’ menu section. This offers meal options like: Pa Piet’s mac and cheese, ham and pineapple pizza and Chico the clown ice cream with sparklers.

Contact information: +27 (021) 880 0133, (Hamm & Uys Eatery) +27 (066) 495 0270



Since its revamp, Hazendal, has fast-become one of the most popular wine farms and wedding venues around Stellenbosch. Now, it is undoubtedly considered one of the most family-friendly estates anywhere in the Cape Winelands.

What I love most about this estate – which carefully blends Russian and Cape traditions and heritage together – is how it offers quality experiences for young and old.

Magic for All to Enjoy


At Hazendal, there is so much to keep little ones entertained and happy – with the expansive lawns and garden areas, the amazingly interactive and immersive edutainment centre, Wonderdal and meal ideas like the children’s picnics, deli eats and child-friendly meals.

For parents, Hazendal is equally magical thanks to its stunning array of experiences and eateries. There is the fascinating Marvol Gallery and beautiful gardens to explore, as well as food thrills, such as Babushka Deli and picnics, Pivnushka Beer Garden, to savour.


Although possibly the best experience of all is simply soaking up the elegant, yet fun atmosphere that permeates throughout Hazendal.

Wonderdal: A Children’s Paradise


Best suited to children aged: While Hazendal caters to children of all ages, the Wonderdal edutainment centre is only for children ages 5-13.

Learning through Play

Through interactive play and a variety of indoor and outdoor activity zones, Wonderdal keeps children engaged and educated on important things like science, nutrition and nature in a fun and meaningful way.

Photo credit: Hazendal

Parents have the option of experiencing Wonderdal along with their children in what can be a fun bonding session.

Otherwise, they can also leave them under the careful supervision and care of the Wonderdal staff and instead head off to explore Hazendal.

Photo credit: Hazendal

Activities and play facilities on offer: In addition to Wonderdal (that’s if you can get your kids to leave it!), the estate has child-friendly picnics and meals. What’s more, it has beautifully scenic, lush grounds for families to enjoy quality time together in the fresh air.

Child-changing facilities: Yes, at Wonderdal and Babushka Deli.

Child seats: Not sure.

Childminders available on-site: Yes, there are great childminders at Wonderdal.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: Yes, Babushka Deli and the beer garden are child-friendly. The beer garden offers delicious open-air burgers and pizzas for a relaxed meal, while the deli is ideal for a special treat or light meal.


Additionally, kids can also enjoy child-friendly picnic options.

Contact information: +27 (021) 205 5624, (Wonderdal) +27 (021) 903 5034,



Situated along scenic Helshoogte Pass, at the foot of the Simonsberg Mountain, Tokara Wine and Olive Estate is a destination second to none.

With everything from award-winning wines and extra virgin olive oils to stunning venues and eateries, Tokara has it all.

A Family-friendly Destination of Note

With its stunning setting and classy interiors, you could be forgiven if you thought Tokara is not child-friendly.

However, the estate’s beautiful, scenic Delicatessen has a long-standing reputation of being popular among families.


Here, with its spacious lawns, airy, yet elegant gift shop and deli sections and the relatively new outdoor playground, Tokara’s deli is hugely child-friendly.

Best of all, it is a stunning place for adults too and the deli is high class in both food and drink offerings, restaurant atmosphere and service.

A Playground that Wows

When I first visited Tokara in 2014, they did not have this playground but ever since they unveiled it in December 2019, it has set them up as one of the most child-friendly estates around.


Especially as much of the farm is already open to the public, including the Orchard Walk through the olive groves and garden spaces around the tasting room and restaurants.

Best suited to children aged:
The playground, designed by Leanie van der Vyer, can be enjoyed by children ages 2-13.

However, the ground level is best suited to ages 2-4, while the upper level (treehouse and rope bridge structure) is better for ages 5-13.

Note: Parent supervision is advised and children use the playground at their own risk.


Onder Die Invloed

Inspired by the breathtaking Simonsberg Mountain and Banhoek Valley, as per owner Anne-Marie Ferreira’s vision, this playground is a sight to behold.

It complements the deli’s modern architecture while still having a lush, nature surrounding and natural feel to it.

Four, box-like sections form the overall treehouse, upon which 50 different bird sculptures have been added on its ‘branches’.

A Nod to Nature

In addition to this nod to nature, the treehouse offers rope swings, a rope bridge, slides, sandpits and much more to delight little ones and keep them entertained from the moment they arrive till when it is time to reluctantly head home.

The cloud-shaped rubber floor provides a softer base than most playground areas usually have.

Playground Guide

In the deli’s menu, you can find a guide for which order to use the playground in, as Leanie envisioned it. Although, to be honest, the kids do their own thing and have a blast!

I sat in one of the floor-to-ceiling glass-fronted tables inside the deli and watched the children play nonstop; they absolutely adore this adventurous, exciting playground structure. And small wonder because it looks like such fun!

Views for Days at Tokara Deli

It doesn’t hurt that both the deli and the playground are perched on a hill, overlooking the neat vineyards and/or olive groves beyond.


Peacocks roam about the sculpture garden, which is also dotted with different, eye-catching art sculptures that are equally fascinating to see.

Garden Bliss

Activities and play facilities on offer:
As mentioned, Tokara has plenty of outdoor spaces to explore.


Sometimes, once a year normally, they even open the estate’s private gardens to the public. These are incredible and definitely worth a visit if you happen to get there during their open garden event.


Outside of that, enjoy the Orchard Walk that connects the tasting room and Tokara Restaurant, a fine dining-style restaurant with long-standing Cape Winelands appeal, to the deli.


Or explore the gardens that surround the deli and tasting room respectively. That is, if you can pry the kiddies away from the playground!

Child-changing facilities:
I didn’t notice when I used the ladies’ bathroom at the deli but I assume they have in there.

Child seats:
You will need to check with Tokara Deli directly.

Childminders available on-site:
No, parents and guardians must supervise children on the estate, especially when they are using the playground facilities.

Please also ensure your kids do not frighten or chase the peacocks and pea hens.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu:
Yes, the deli has a lovely kids menu available for guests 12 years and under.

This offers a small but nice selection of breakfast, lunch and dessert options for the little ones. Including fruit lollies that seem to be a huge hit!


The deli also sells some yummy sweet treats so I am sure there is enough to tempt tiny tummies here.

Contact information:
+27 (021) 808 5950,


…In Franschhoek:


Photo credit: Babylonstoren

Babylonstoren is a natural paradise in the Western Cape – in fact, this Franschhoek estate is pure magic in every way.

The estate is one of the oldest farms in the Cape and yet, it has all the modern touches and luxuries carefully woven into the mix by its inventive owners.

Exploring the Wonders of Babylonstoren

There is everything you could possibly desire here… a labyrinth of incredible garden spaces (including the cycads, clivias, prickly pear maze and more!) and flowing ponds and water features, luxury accommodation, spa facilities, tours and the farm shop, bakery and restaurants, Babel and Greenhouse.


If you have never been to Babylonstoren, then you simply cannot understood how incredible the estate is… but speak to anyone who has visited and it’s top of their must-visit places in the Cape. And with good reason!


One of the Cape’s Best Child-friendly Places

The estate is hugely appealing to children and families thanks to its vastness but also because there is so much country fun and immense beauty to soak up. For hotel guests, there are even more great activities to be enjoyed, like collecting eggs, rowing on the dam or harvesting fruit and veg.

Both children and adults are sure to be entranced by Babylonstoren… and even if your childhood is a distant memory, Babylonstoren is guaranteed to make you feel like a child again!


Best suited to children aged: All children under 18.

Activities and play facilities on offer: 

Younger kids will enjoy playing in the waterways, feeding the animals and exploring the garden while older children can hike, swim, row on the dam or explore the farm by bicycle.

Activities for little hotel guests:

  • Swimming;
  • Cycling;
  • Collecting eggs;
  • Rowing on the dam;
  • Hiking;
  • Harvesting fruit and vegetables,

Activities for little hotel guests and day visitors alike:

  • Feeding the famous resident donkeys;
  • Cooling down in the waterways;
  • Seeing the chickens, ducks and turkeys;
  • Hiding in the large bird nests;
  • Eating fruit from the trees.


Child-changing facilities: Yes, at the garden bathrooms and Babel Restaurant.

Child seats: Yes, at Babel but not at the Greenhouse… The estate explained to me that at Greenhouse, they have found that kiddies rarely sit still for long, as they prefer to play under the trees or in the nearby waterways.

Childminders available on-site: No.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: While both restaurants are child-friendly, Greenhouse is the one with some child-friendly dishes indicated on the menu. However, Babel does offer some child-friendly options… just check these with your waitron!

Contact information: +27 (021) 863 3852,


…In Somerset West:


Vergelegen, found in Somerset West, is one of the most beautiful wine estates I have ever visited… We spent hours exploring every inch of this estate, which is steeped in immense Cape history and natural beauty. I soaked up in every part of the estate and yet, I still long to return back there and see it all again with such constant longing.

Vergelegen is famous for a great many things… Its heritage, picnics beneath the huge Camphor trees, the exquisite gardens and of course, its restaurants, which includes child-friendly Stables.


Gloriously Child-friendly

And for families, Vergelegen is a gloriously child-friendly estate, with its Stables at Vergelegen Restaurant, the vast gardens and lawns, beautiful picnics (kiddies’ baskets are available), water features, resident bontebok and even lazy walks by the stream.


Stables, a bistro-style restaurant ideal for families with kids, offers a lovely play area adjacent to the restaurant, as well as a dedicated kiddies’ menu.

It is suitable to kids of all ages (up to 14 years) and still provides an elegant, charming experience for visiting adults too.

Photo credit: Elsa Young via Vergelegen Estate

Note: Entry to Vergelegen incurs a small fee. The entrance fee is R10 for adults and R5 for pensioners and scholars.

Best suited to children aged: Children of all ages.

Activities and play facilities on offer: There is the play ground, garden maze and the wealth of stunning gardens to explore… Really, you are spoilt for choice at Vergelegen.

Child-changing facilities: Yes, at Stables, the wine tasting centre and the rose garden toilets.

Child seats: High chairs are available at Stables upon request

Childminders available on-site: No.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: Stables at Vergelegen offers a kiddies’ menu: Little VIPs.

Contact information: (Stables at Vergelegen) +27 (021) 847 2156,


…In Paarl:


Situated in Paarl, Rhebokskloof Wine Estate is a lovely, vibrant estate that offers plenty for its visitors, especially those with kids.

With its wide open spaces, encompassing a lawn and beautiful rose garden overlooking the estate’s dam, jungle gym (near to the tasting room and restaurant) and other play activities, the estate is child-friendly and fun.

Fun for Everyone

As for parents, they can enjoy a beautiful vista as they sample estate wines or dine at the good restaurant.

In addition to this, guests can enjoy authentic tented camp experiences, corporate/family events, MTB trails, quad biking, horse riding and more besides. The estate is also able to host kids’ parties in the beautiful gardens (summer) or in the Rhebok venue (winter).

All in all, Rhebokskloof is a soothing, pretty estate for young and old to enjoy.

Best suited to children aged: Children of all ages.

Activities and play facilities on offer: 

Fun for younger and older kids alike:

For older kids, there is quad biking, horse riding, hiking, trail runs or MTB rides on their tracks. While for the younger folk, there is a great playground, jungle gyms, mini bikes (for toddlers) to enjoy – and the beautiful garden and lush lawn to run and play on.

Child-changing facilities: Yes, in the ladies’ bathroom.

Child seats: Yes.

Childminders available on-site: Yes, on request.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: Yes, there is an a la carte menu with a children’s breakfast and lunch menu. Food options include: scrambled eggs on toast, macaroni and cheese, open pizza sandwich and vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Contact information: +27 (021) 869 8386,,



Spice Route is a scenic, spacious Paarl attraction. It is great for tourists, families and couples and offers rolling lawns, large trees and stunning mountain views.

There is also plenty of child-friendly fun to be had, thanks to the on-site play facilities and activities.

Spice Route: Highlights for Young and Old

Highlights include the chocolate and ice-cream treats (thanks to De Villiers (DV) Chocolate and DV Cafe); spacious, shaded lawns and outdoor activities.

For adults, there are craft beer, spirits and wine tastings available. Plus, an assortment of local artisanal shops and restaurants to enjoy. All three restaurants are child-friendly, with their own kiddies’ menus.


Best suited to children aged: Children under 12 years. (But teens and adults will have a blast here too!)

Activities and play facilities on offer: Cycling/hiking routes, available to children six years and up.

Child-changing facilities: Yes, in the disabled bathroom.

Child seats: Yes.

Childminders available on-site: No.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: Yes, at all three restaurants.

They are: Barley and Biltong Emporium; Jewell’s Restaurant; and La Grapperia Bistro & Pizzeria.

Contact information: +27 (021) 863 5200,



Fairview is a delightful farm for both parents and children to visit. It offers a homely, yet sophisticated atmosphere; famous resident goats; a great restaurant – and beautiful gardens too. (And there is also a shop and deli and bakery to enjoy.)

The Goatshed Restaurant, a well-appointed country-style eatery, is also lovely. It has a classy look and feel, without feeling unsuitable to children and makes for a good meal for young and old alike.

The Cool Kids: Say Hi to the Resident Fairview Goats

One of my favourite things about Fairview are the famous resident goats. I love them and their iconic Goat Tower (which now includes a little bridge!).

The Goat Tower is a beautiful brick structure, dedicated entirely to the goats. It shows just how much thought and love is put into the Fairview goats…

What’s more, every September when the nanny goats give birth to adorable kids, you can visit the estate to see them too!


Best suited to children aged: All children under 18.

Activities and play facilities on offer: Viewing the resident goats in their Goat Tower, enjoying the beautiful gardens and tucking into a kids’ cheese tasting.

Child-changing facilities: In the ladies’ bathroom.

Child seats: Yes, for little ones.

Childminders available on-site: No

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: Yes, the Goatshed has a kiddies’ menu for children under 12.

This adorably illustrated menu includes options like all-day farm breakfast, free range beef meatballs, farm sandwiches, homemade choc chip cookies, babychinos and a peppermint crisp tart to name just a few savoury and sweet delicacies!

Contact information: +27 (021) 863 2450, +27 (0)21 863 3609 (Goatshed Restaurant),,


…In Wellington:


Dunstone Country Estate is one of my favourite places that I have ever visited. It has everything you could desire: gorgeous mountain and estate views, exquisite facilities, classy amenities, good food, stunning accommodation and above all, a child-friendly eatery.

Tucked away in Wellington, Dunstone is a hidden oasis. If you stay the night, you will see what I mean… it is pure Cape dreaminess at its best.

But even if you only pop by for a few hours, Dunstone and its delightful Stone Kitchen Bistro are sure to win your hearts.

Stone Kitchen Bistro: Ideal for Child-friendly Food and Fun


 Dunstone’s Stone Kitchen is where you can enjoy delicious bistro fare, hosting special events (like baby showers, kids’ parties and kitchen teas) and above all, a relaxing time with your little family.

Whether you stop by for some of the estate’s lovely wines or a hearty meal, the Stone Kitchen Bistro is sure to impress.

A Family- and Dog-friendly Bistro

Best of all, for parents or grandparents exploring with little ones, the bistro is hugely child-friendly. There is an excellent, all-weather indoor play area (one of the best I’ve seen on any estate) and a gorgeous garden space. This offers its own kiddies’ play area and some nearby animals to see. (As a bonus: The bistro is also dog-friendly, so your well-behaved four-legged friend can visit too! 🙂 )


Best suited to children aged: Children aged 1-12 years.

Activities and play facilities on offer: Putt putt, sand pits, animals to see (including ducks on the dam, pigs, goats and more), a trampoline, mud kitchen and jungle gym, as well as the incredible indoor play zone.

Child-changing facilities: Yes, in the bathroom.

Child seats: Yes.

Childminders available on-site: No.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: Yes, there is a great kiddies’ menu on offer. Options include: French toast (topped with bacon and maple syrup), margarita pizza and choc-nut sundae (with caramel sauce).

Contact information: +27 (021) 873 6770, (060) 340 1635, (078) 860 9721,


Situated in central Paarl, Laborie is one of the more child-friendly farms I have visited. I was blown away by this beautiful estate, which now offers three lovely eateries (Stoep, Suzanne and Cucina di Giovanni), accommodation, wine tastings, function venues and its own delightful farm- and wine-shop in the Farm Grocer.


Beyond that, the estate also offers family-friendly lunch- and sunset-picnics (sunset picnics are reserved for summertime) and wonderful MTB trails that form part of the Paarl Trails.

Outdoorsy Fun for Everyone


Kids have ample space to run and play at Laborie; the estate is generously spread out with beautiful gardens, art sculptures (primarily featuring works by Nanette Ranger) and sloping lawns overlooking the distant vineyards and mountains.


Beyond that, there is also an incredible wine farm-themed playground at Stoep Restaurant.

The best part of all is that the food and experience at Laborie is stunning so there is no sacrifice as a parent to visit this gorgeous Paarl estate!

Best suited to children aged: Children of all ages.

Activities and play facilities on offer: 


For little ones, there are family-friendly picnics (with a dedicated kids’ picnic menu) and some excellent play facilities, spacious areas to run about and play, as well as some fun water canals for safe splashing and summertime play near Stoep Restaurant.

Older kids should enjoy the MTB trails and will perhaps better appreciate the excellent food and drinks on offer at the on-site eateries, Suzanne, Stoep and Cucina di Giovanni.



While these eateries are also welcoming to younger children, I feel Stoep Restaurant – and Suzanne’s outside seating area – is best geared to children of all ages. I have not personally seen much of Cucina di Giovanni, as it was closed when we visited but it is marketed as a family-friendly restaurant.


For a fun, safe family-friendly activity nearby, you can also visit Paarl Rock Nature Reserve and then enjoy a meal or picnic at Laborie afterwards. Just remember that picnics must be booked 24 hours in advance.

For kids older than 12:

Make a day of it as a family and explore the Paarl MTB trails, which run through Laborie Estate.

More information on the Laborie trails can be found here. Please note that valid day permits or annual memberships are essential.

For kids young and old:

Kids of all ages enjoy exploring the farm; there is plenty of space to roam and soak up the beautiful settings. For younger kids, Stoep Restaurant is hugely child-friendly and offers lovely water canals and a stunning playground set near the vineyards.


In addition to this, you can also browse the excellent Farm Grocer. It stocks a wealth of locally sourced, sustainable food items, homeware, gifts and wine, while also selling some tasty goodies and ice-lollies for a summer treat!



Child-changing facilities: Please ask at the estate or restaurants.

Child seats:
Please ask at Stoep; based on what I have seen, they definitely have child seats. I am unsure if Cucina di Giovanni and Suzanne have child seats but I assume not.

Childminders available on-site: 

No. Although if you dine at Stoep Restaurant, the outdoor seating overlooks the playground and water canals so you can effectively watch your kiddies from your table.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: 

I don’t see any child-friendly/dedicated menus on their website – but when we visited, Stoep and Suzanne both had young guests so I assume they can easily cater to little ones.

The estate picnics have a nice child-friendly option though.

Contact information: +27 (021)  807 3095


…In Durbanville:


Tables at Nitida is like the adorable gingerbread house in Hansel & Gretel… With its charming exterior, pretty surrounding gardens and the estate’s laid-back farm feeling, it has a definite fairytale charm.

When I visited, I was struck by the family-friendliness that the restaurant (particularly the outdoor seating), provides. There is also a nice play area outside on the adjacent lawn, lined by pretty flowers and trees.

But the best part about this play area is that parents can enjoy their meal and conversations while keeping a careful eye on the kiddies.

Classy Dining for Parents and Kids

The restaurant also prides itself on being child-friendly in its facilities and food offerings. They even have a dedicated children’s menu.

Honestly, I love how classy Tables at Nitida is, especially for parents and couples. It offers an elegant, relaxing experience – meaning you don’t compromise on anything. (Least of all the setting.)


Best suited to children aged: It is suitable to all ages. However, the menu and play area are geared at kids 0-12 years.

Activities and play facilities on offer: Yes, there is an outside play area/jungle gym on the lawn. This is well-positioned in sight of the restaurant seating.

They also have a toy box and crayons and colouring in pages for the little ones to enjoy.

Child-changing facilities: Yes, there is a designated baby changing station. This is situated in the paraplegic bathroom.

Child seats: They have about 3-4 child seats handy, as well as small plastic kiddies’ tables and chairs on hand.

Childminders available on-site: No. But, as mentioned, the restaurant offers a good view of the play area so parents can easily watch their children while they eat.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: They have a kiddies’ breakfast and lunch menu available. These are best suited to children under 12.

Contact information: +27 (021) 975 9357,



Bloemendal is one of the most popular wine farms for those with children. And, after two visits, I can definitely see why.

The estate offers plenty of space to roam and play; incredible play facilities near Bon Amis Restaurant; and a pretty epic-looking Biosport cycle track (suitable to all ages and levels).

Child-friendly Tastings

And while parents enjoy a wine tasting, children can savour a child-friendly tasting. Add to that, the relaxed atmosphere and Bloemendal is a winner for families with kids!

I love Bloemendal for great, outdoor visits with a farm vibe… and I can definitely recommend Bloemendal and Bon Amis for parents with young or older kids. Everyone, no matter their age, will be entertained.


Best suited to children aged: All children under 18.

Activities and play facilities on offer: Bloemendal and Bon Amis offer plenty for families. This includes a playground, gardens, bike riding spaces, jungle gyms, colouring in, board games and even animals. (They have bunnies but these are not for petting).

Child-changing facilities: Yes, there is a changing facility by the bathroom.

Child seats: Yes.

Childminders available on-site: Yes, on weekends.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: Yes, Bon Amis offers a nice kiddies’ menu.

Contact information: +27 (021) 976 2682,,

…In the West Coast:

Groote Post is a wonderful, historic and entirely family-friendly estate tucked away outside Darling in the gorgeous West Coast region.

Winding down quiet, rural farm roads, past ploughed fields, flowers (if you visit during flower season) and sleepy sheep, Groote Post offers an authentic farm experience, with a touch of Cape architecture elegance and wine-making prowess.

Groote Post invites guests to enjoy dining at their sumptuous restaurant, Hilda’s Kitchen.

Photo credit: Groote Post Vineyards

Situated within the Manor House, Hilda’s Kitchen offers a glimpse into the past, while also providing an elegant, modern-day approach, as its keeps up with food trends and lifestyle changes.

The menu is not specifically geared at children but there are at least one or two options that will tantalise tiny tastebuds. (And if you visit on market day, there is a host of food and drink to be enjoyed on the estate!)

Safe, Soothing Farm Vibes

On the day I visited, the farm was packed with families young and old and there was a safe, soothing atmosphere about the farm.

Groote Post is a special, relaxed and fun estate to explore and it is definitely a place I would love to revisit someday soon.

Market Fun for Everyone


Aside from its beautiful wines, the estate is also famous for its monthly Groote Post Country Market, which takes place on the last Sunday of the month.

The market is free to visit and offers live entertainment, a variety of delectable food, coffee stands and crafts goods stalls.

It is especially child-friendly thanks to the vast space, playground and guided horse rides and tractor trips. (I’ve been on the tractor trip and parents and children alike adore it! It’s a good way to see more of the estate and acquaint your children with farm life.)

Best suited to children aged: All ages are welcome.

Activities and play facilities on offer: 

There are extensive lawns, ideal for cricket games and soccer, as well as a jungle gym. There is also a bird hide, which older children, in particular, will enjoy.

Beyond that, on market day, kids can enjoy tractor and guided horse rides and other fun activities.

Child-changing facilities: Yes, one of the bathrooms.

Child seats: Yes. Two antique chairs.

Childminders available on-site: No.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: There are at least two options available to kids.

Contact information: +27 (022) 492 2825, | (Hilda’s Kitchen) +27 (022) 492 2825


…Along the Cape Peninsula:


Imhoff Farm, situated in Kommetjie, is a fun experience for the whole family. It offers plenty to see and do, including a variety of small, interesting shops and art studios, some great eateries and restaurants to grab a meal at and plenty of outdoor thrills for kids.

The venue itself is spacious and lovely to explore. You can take your time, going from one shop to the next, while kids run and play on the wide open lawns or beneath the shady trees.

Higgeldy Piggeldy

Update: Going forwards, I will not be promoting or featuring places that encourage animal- or wildlife-interactions, even with rehabilitated animals. However, this remains the reader’s discretion. I am just trying to be more conscious and responsible as a traveller.

Local attractions include the Higgeldy Piggeldy Farm Yard (found next door to the Blue Water Cafe). The entrance fee is R20 for children (who are already walking on their own) and adults – but it helps to keep the animals so it’s worth it. Here, children can enjoy seeing a host of adorable farm animals, everything from curious goats to chickens, bunnies and guinea pigs too.

More Fun for Everyone

Other attractions at Imhoff Farm include: horse riding (for children over 12 and adults); the milkwood maze (a 3D interactive maze that also doubles as a great birthday party venue); paintball games (ages 11 and up) and laser tag (children aged 6 and up).

After you’ve had your fill, grab a meal at the lovely, child-friendly Blue Water Cafe. It’s a welcoming restaurant with a really pretty setting.

Child-friendly Food and Fun at Blue Water Cafe


The delightful Blue Water Cafe is a welcoming, child-friendly restaurant, which offers a safe, enclosed garden, jungle gym and the neighbouring animal farm for kids to enjoy.

While parents sit and enjoy a leisurely meal, little ones can play and run about, soaking up the fresh air and sunshine.

The menu offers a special section for kids, with options like: scrambled eggs and bacon; toasted sandwiches; burgers and chips and French toast to name a few.

Best suited to children aged: Children of all ages will enjoy visiting Imhoff Farm but it is perhaps best for children ages 3-12.

Activities and play facilities on offer: The farm yard, working cheese dairy, adventure milkwood maze, paintball and laser tag, horse-riding to the beach (ages 12 and up), various lawns and jungle gyms for children to play on.

Child-changing facilities: Yes, in both bathrooms at Blue Water Cafe.

Child seats: Yes, child seats are available at Blue Water Cafe.

Childminders available on-site: No.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: Yes, Blue Water Cafe has a kiddies’ section on their menu.

Contact information: +27 (021) 783 4545,


…In the Robertson Wine Valley:

Van Loveren is a beautiful, historic estate situated in the famous Robertson Wine Valley.

While the drive from Cape Town to Van Loveren (taking you along the world-famous Route 62) itself is a treat… Upon arriving at this estate, you are met with even greater beauty.

Edged by fire engine-red cannas, lush vineyards and incredible trees, this family estate is eye-catching and inviting from the first.

As for the bistro, Christina’s @ Van Loveren, and tasting room, both are lovely and welcoming.

An Estate Garden of Note

However, for me, my favourite aspect of Van Loveren is the amazing garden. It is widespread and touchingly encompasses much of family’s unique heritage. (While also honouring some of South Africa’s historical dates…)

The tasting room is particularly tempting. It provides informal tastings that can be enjoyed inside at the pods or out on the deck.

The relaxed deck seating overlooks the playing water features and garden space. The bistro and tasting room are entirely family-friendly. In fact, they encourage family visits in a way many estates and tasting rooms sadly do not.


Best suited to children aged:

Although suitable to children of all ages, it is particularly ideal for tweens and teens.

Activities and play facilities on offer: 

There is a giant chess set, the garden space (good for exploring) and the non-alcoholic pairing(s).

Meanwhile, older kids/teens will delight in the Fish Eagle hiking trail, MTB bike routes and cellar and/or garden tours.

Child-changing facilities: 

Yes. Both are situated in the ladies’ bathroom.

Child seats: Yes.

Childminders available on-site: No.

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: 

Yes, as well as the Papillon Kids Tasting (R50).

This pairing offers Papillon Non-Alcoholic Blush with Smartie Mallow, caramel-coated popcorn and a mini fruit roll.

Contact information: +27 (023) 615 1505,

Special Mention:

Photo credit: Breed Photography via Van Loveren

While you are in the area, it is also worth visiting the @Four Cousins Restaurant. It is found along one of Robertson’s main streets, Voortrekker Avenue.

With its central location and stylish, airy restaurant and tasting room facilities, the restaurant is a wonderful stop… especially as it is very child-friendly!

It is suitable for children of all ages but is well-suited to those 8 years and younger. On-site, there is a safe, secure play area, jungle gym and fun, life-sized tractor.

They also offer non-alcoholic wine pairings and a small, yet nice kiddies’ menu section.

Photo credit: Breed Photography via Van Loveren

Contact information: +27 (023) 615 1505, (restaurant), (tastings).



…In the Breede Valley:

Photo credit: Adam Letch via Manley Social

Situated at the foot of the majestic Waaihoek Mountain, somewhat off the beaten track in the picture-perfect Breede Valley, one finds the alluring and captivating BOSJES Estate.

This unique, family-friendly estate is famed for its rich history, natural splendour and ground-breaking architectural prowess.


But it is also a place of immense tranquility, with the deep pervading silence disturbed only by the bark of the baboons far up in the mountains or the trills of secret bird calls.

Restores You: Mind, Body and Soul

Whether, like me, you visit this estate simply to marvel at its natural beauty and amazing Chapel, an architectural masterpiece and wedding venue for the books. Or to enjoy the breathtakingly landscaped gardens found around the Chapel and throughout the estate, a visit to BOSJES is sure to restore you – mind, body and soul.


A Family-friendly Gem

Happily, this beautiful Breede Valley estate also has a family-friendly bistro in BOSJES Kombuis; a hidden tea garden café; and great accommodation and spa facilities.

At BOSJES, you can enjoy mouthwatering meals, complemented by fine wines or check-in to luxury accommodation for a relaxing country break.


Aside from the estate’s inventive, spellbinding gardens and play facilities (for kids of all ages and adventure levels), BOSJES also offers lovely hiking and game- and bird-watching opportunities, making it a nature lover’s paradise.

Age Appropriate Play Areas

Best suited to children aged:

BOSJES is probably best suited to children under 13. However, there are age appropriate sections. For example, the formal structures appeal to children aged 3-10, while the woodlands play area – which includes an epic slide and zip line – is suitable for 2-5 years.

The Boom Brug (tree bridge) is a climbers’ paradise and is great for energetic 5 – 12 year-olds.

Older tweens and teens can still enjoy BOSJES though because the gardens are wonderful for exploring and the lawn area near the BOSJES Kombuis is spacious and perfect for a game of football (soccer) or cricket with Mom or Dad.

Photo credit: Adam Letch via Manley Social

Activities and play facilities on offer: 

Honestly, BOSJES offers some of the most incredible and innovative children’s play facilities and playgrounds I have ever seen. Despite the upmarket, modern nature of this wonderful estate, BOSJES has kept families firmly in mind.

In fact, they love the thought of families spending quality time together outdoors. With all their unique, informal open spaces and play areas dotted about the farm, they openly encourage interaction between young and old.

Bring a Bat and Ball Along

BOSJES Kombuis has spacious rolling lawns that invite tweens and teens to enjoy a spot of sport (football (soccer) or cricket) with their parents. Guests are welcome to bring along a bat or soccer ball and have fun with their children here.

Personally, I love that the estate is so warm and welcoming towards families – even as it is ideal for couples and travellers, too.

If You Go Down to the Woods Today…

As for the estate’s more formal play structures, these generally appeal to kids aged 3-10. BOSJES informed me that they have often seen children energetically jumping up and down and exploring the nets, while their parents watch from the deck, slowly savouring a glass of wine.


Then there is the amazing woodlands’ play area. This is honestly one of the most creative, sorely tempting play facilities I have seen.

I love how the estate has merged outdoor art and attractions with inventive play facilities for kids. This section, suitable for kids aged 2-5, includes a fun zip line and a wide, glorious-looking slide (that ends in soft sand, perfect for a gentle descent).

BOSJES’ Amazing Boom Brug

The Boom Brug canopy walk (reminiscent of The Boomslang at Kirstenbosch. Just less daunting if you’re afraid of man-made heights like me…), meanwhile, is perfect for kids aged 5-12. Particularly those with a lot of energy to burn.

Designed by Square One Landscape Architects, it is one of the coolest creations I have encountered to date. Not only does it offer a glorious outdoor experience for budding, young adventurers but it also affords you the most gorgeous, panoramic views across BOSJES and the surrounding, picturesque Breede Valley.

Walk above the trees, while keeping a watchful eye on your little explorers…


The kinetic play area, which offers water fountains and a sandpit, is where children can use muscle and brain power to build and quite literally, make water move. (Although adults have even been seen having great fun here!)

Explore the Stunning Gardens

Older tweens and teens – or even little ones – will also surely enjoy the captivating BOSJES Kapel (Chapel) gardens, which offer everything from a secluded tea garden café to a unique, circular hill climb with incredible views.


Admire the succulents and lush tropical plants (there is even garden signage with braille); find a unique bench to sit in quiet contemplation; or marvel at the marvellous structural water feature that forms a focal point.

Add to that a child-friendly bistro and luxurious on-site accommodation (and spa) and BOSJES easily cements itself as one of the most family-friendly estates that you will find anywhere in South Africa.


Photo credit: Alicia Chamaillé

Child-changing facilities: 

There are changing facilities in the disabled bathroom at BOSJES Kombuis.

Child seats: 

Yes, BOSJES Kombuis has high chairs for little ones.

Childminders available on-site: 

Unfortunately not. But parents will surely enjoy exploring the estate with their kids. There is so much to see and savour here!

Child-friendly/dedicated kiddies’ menu: 

Yes, the elegant, bistro-style BOSJES Kombuis offers a lovely kiddies’ menu.

Unlike at most eateries, you won’t find pre-bought chicken nuggets or fish fingers here. Instead, the chefs make the delicious kids’ options from scratch. (Think: sticky cheese burger and fries or spaghetti with homemade Napolitano sauce.)

Food Fit for Babes

As for babies, please ask your waiter how the estate can accommodate your tiny tots with a snack or lunch. The kitchen can usually make a nutritious puree or offer a small portion of yoghurt for babes.

Contact information: 

+27 023 004 0496,


Notable Child-friendly Place Mentions

I would also like to mention a few other child-friendly places I love (see the relevant links below for more info):

These are just some of the incredible child-friendly estates and restaurants I can recommend!

Disclaimer and Special Thanks

Please note: All wine farms were selected at my own discretion, based on my personal findings.

Finally, in closing, I would like to extend a special thanks to each of the estates and restaurants featured in the post for their help in gathering information, facts and supplied images*. 🙂

* (All photos provided have been credited accordingly; the rest are my own.)

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