Most Charming Western Cape Farm Stalls

The Western Cape is littered with some charming farm stalls. Be they by the roadside, at the entrance to a small town or in the heart of a wine valley… Western Cape farm stalls are an essential lifeblood locally.

Born out of love for hospitality, good food and even better wine, farm stalls are a traveller’s welcoming embrace. They are a place to bundle out for the car for a driving respite, toilet break and coffee fix… A shopping mecca for stocking up on organic goods or food like grandma used to make.

Cape farm stalls are, above all else, where locals stock up on the essential padkos (food for the road)… Because no road trip or outing is complete without a toasted sandwich, good coffee or a still-warm pastry.

And like any true South African, I have a fond affection for farm stalls. Some of my best travel memories – as a young child, teen and now adult – reside within their rustic walls.

Whether it has meant exploring them with my parents on a spur-of-the-moment drive; visiting them as a teen with my old high school friends; or travelling across the Cape with my eldest brother and his girlfriend or a romantic partner, farm stalls hold a special place in my heart.

So, in this post I unearth some true gems for you and your loved ones to explore too… Some I haven’t visited for a while but see clear as day in my mind’s eye, while others are newer, more recent friends I have lovingly discovered along the way.

Rev up the engine, grab a coffee-to-go and let’s discover my fab five Western Cape farm stalls below:

1) Route 62 Road Trip Vibes: Die Kloof Padstal and Restaurant

Situated front and centre in Montagu as you enter, is Die Kloof Padstal and Restaurant.

This long-standing foodie gem, found along the famous Route 62, has survived terrible floods, close fires and never-ending roadworks alike.

Yet, through it all, Die Kloof Padstal has grown from strength to strength. Capturing the hearts of locals – and passing travellers too.

You can’t miss it if you enter Montagu via Ashton (and the breathtaking Cogmanskloof Pass), as it is immediately to your left as you enter the town.


Like most of the establishments in Montagu, it is run by locals, who epitomise the meaning of true Cape hospitality, a quaint setting and memories that last long after your visit.

Die Kloof Padstal and Restaurant has been a special part of my life; I have such fond memories here. I have visited many times with my family, old high school friends and my best friends too.

If there is an unspoken meeting place where good food, company and a beautiful setting can be enjoyed in Montagu… it is Die Kloof Padstal.

Points of Interest:


It offers a lovely gift shop – equipped with an assortment of gifts, travel fancies and snacks, as well as the neighbouring Montagu Dried Fruit Factory Shop. The garden area makes it truly unique and happily, it is both child- and pet-friendly.

But it is the setting – along Montagu’s famous Long Street and hugging the banks of the Keisie River –ย that make it most noteworthy.

Plus, the views of the nearby Cogmanskloof Pass and Bloupunt mountain make it a natural paradise too.

Foodie Finds:

The in-house restaurant serves hearty, good food, delicious sweet treats and beverages too.


Just keep in mind that, unlike the city, small towns operate at a slower, less rushed pace so you may have longer waiting periods for your food.

However, this gives you the perfect opportunity to chat with your loved ones, browse the shops or explore the garden setting, which offers lovely outdoor bench seating and a great play area for kids.


Overall Rating:


Location, Location:

1 Long Street, Montagu, Route 62, Western Cape, South Africa.

Contact Details:

+27 (023) 614 2209, klooffarmstall@telkomsa.net




2) A Taste of the Overberg Countryside: Peregrine Farm Stall

Peregrine Farm Stall is a well-known pitstop near Elgin and Grabouw. You can find it just off the N2 Highway.

Situated in the natural, green belt of the Overberg Region, this charming farm stall has stood the test of time (it first opened in the 1960s) and has made for many a memorable road trip adventure.


Not only do they serve arguably the best pies around – but the farm stall offers a wide range of goods for sit-down or takeaway.

Items on offer include everything from wholesome food, seasonal cafe fare to champagne-style cider and organic honey.

Points of Interest:

Here you can enjoy soaking up the fresh, country air, admiring the quaint yard – dotted with tractors and farm implements – or enjoying a delicious meal on the deck, overlooking the main road.


You can even pop by the fire engine-red Burningbooks bus, stocked full of good reads.

Better still, there is a lovely playground for kiddies and Peregrine is also pet-friendly, so the whole family can enjoy stretching their legs โ€” even your fur babies!

Foodie Finds:

Peregrine offers a popular, well-stocked cafe, bakery, farm stall and wine shop in one. It is a busy stop and offers a healthy slice of Overberg atmosphere.


You can enjoy a coffee and meal at Peregrine or stock up on road trip provisions to be on your merry way again.

Either way, this is one unmissable farm stall, with plenty of Cape charm, warmth and beautiful products.

Overall Rating:


Location, Location:

N2 Highway, Grabouw, Western Cape, South Africa.

Contact Details:

+27 (021) 848 9011, info@peregrinefarmstall.co.za




3) Perfect Piekenierskloof Pass Pitstop: Hebron Guesthouse, Restaurant and Farmstall

Situated atop Piekenierskloof Pass, at the gateway to the Cederberg Region, Hebron is a traveller’s haven. This flower farm and guesthouse is home to a cosy restaurant and interesting farm stall, among other things.

In true padstal style, Hebron’s farm stall – like the farm – is quirky, colourful and full of vibrancy.

It brims with fresh produce, jams and preserves, Carmien teas, fresh juice and sourdough bread, as well as ideal light eats, padkos and many other products.

During flower season, you can also find the farm’s beautiful, fresh cut flowers here too!

And its unique positioning and laid-back, playful farm surroundings make Hebron Farmstall a fun place to pop into.

Points of Interest:

The farm is a treasure trove of quirky, interesting things. Pumpkins line window sills, colour pops from the outbuildings and old, painted gumboots serve as potplants… Needless to say, with all this, I was instantly drawn to Hebron.


In addition to their farm stall, they offer a choice between self-catering or B&B-style rooms or the Blomhuis Eco Cottage, suitable for larger groups.

Their accommodation looks lovely and probably makes for the perfect overnight stop or Cederberg staycation.

Hebron also offers Augustine’s veggie garden, fresh flowers (also available at the local farmers’ market), rust-coloured chickens and a delightful play area called Noah’s Park.

Foodie Finds:

But one of my favourite aspects of Hebron is the rustic, cosy restaurant. This offers intimate indoor seating and a beautiful tea garden called the Rainbow Room.


Like everything at Hebron, the restaurant is charming – and service is truly friendly and welcoming.

We popped by during the height of a spring storm, with rain bucketing down. Yet, even in a downpour, Hebron Farm and Restaurant was a pure delight.

Their menu favours old-style cooking and traditional recipes passed down through families. Everything sounds – and looks good – so meals are hard to choose… But happily, it is also hard to go wrong when selecting!


Yes, Hebron is highway hospitality and Cape charm at its best…

Overall Rating:


Location, Location:

Hebron, N7, Piekenierskloof Pass, Citrusdal, Western Cape, South Africa.

Contact Details:

+27 (022) 921 2595, +27 (072) 593 5900 orย  +27 (072) 593 5858, admin@hebron.co.za




4) Wonderful West Coast Farm Stall

The West Coast road is littered with farm stalls and pit stops โ€” but one of the most interesting and fun to explore is West Coast Farm Stall (otherwise called Weskus Padstal).

Situated on the way into Yzerfontein, this unassuming roadside attraction is a fascinating stop. Packed to the rafters with home-baked goods, quirky gifts, keepsakes, fresh flowers and food, it is the ideal place to pull in for supplies or travel gifts.


Along with the main farm stall, it also offers a lovely restaurant – with beautiful indoor and outdoor seating – and an aviary with a wide assortment of chatty, colourful parrots and other birds. (Note: I cannot vouch for how many rescue birds/parrots are still there; it is possible there are less than when we first visited in 2017.)

There are also some children’s play facilities and a human-sized chess board… which I had a grand time exploring!


Points of Interest:

With its iconic lion statues, colourful and quirky garden features, beautiful outdoor aviary and food offerings, West Coast Farm Stall is a well-rounded, family friendly outing.

They also sell plants from their in-house nursery so be sure to purchase a plant or two, if that tickles your fancy.


Whether you stop by for lunch, to pick up supplies or stretch your legs and explore the aviary and garden like we did, it is an enchanting experience.

West Coast Farm Stall offers plenty to see and do… It is a visual feast as much as anything else!

Foodie Finds:

I have not eaten or bought any food from the West Coast Farm Stall (I blame the parrots for distracting me too much…) so I can’t vouch for that side of things.

But I do know that it offers a nice looking restaurant and food-to-go in the farm stall too.


The restaurant can be hired for functions, like baby showers, year-end celebrations and more. Please contact them directly for more information on this.

Overall Rating:


Location, Location:

Corner of R27 and R315, Yzerfontein Western Cape, South Africa.

Contact Details:

+27 (071) 658 9167, weskuspadstal@megaserve.net


5) Feed Your Cravings at Capedry (Cape Dried Fruit Packers)

Another Montagu gem is Capedry, purveyors of local dried fruit, nuts, sweets and other tasty goodies. Situated on the edge of town, Capedry is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise industrial part of Montagu.

As one of the oldest established dried fruit companies in South Africa, Capedry has a long-standing reputation of quality goods, ranging from export quality products to local snacks, like apple rings, mango slices, nuts and dried fruit lollies. (And personally, I also love their cheerful orange and blue packaging, which pops with colour.)

With its whitewashed buildings and charming outdoor area, Capedry welcomes guests with open arms, before tempting them inside for some affordable dried fruits, nuts and other delicious Cape products. (If you can’t visit… order online here!)

This farm stall-meets-factory shop is surprisingly spacious inside so you have plenty of options at your finger tips. Stop for a coffee or a light meal at the bistro across from the farm stall-factory shop before you depart with your treasured (health) bounty.


Points of Interest:

…All the many products, hampers and other delightful goodies waiting inside this Aladdin’s Cave.

Near the bistro, there is also a lovely play area for kiddies, so it is a nice spot for families and friends to stop over at before they enter or leave Montagu.

What’s more, the staff at Capedry are friendly and welcoming in true Montagu style. This is something I was pleased to notice on the few occasions I have popped in.

Foodie Finds:

I haven’t tried the bistro, so I can’t comment on the food quality or service. But it has a pleasant, warm feeling to it and, based on what I saw, looks like a lovely little spot for a coffee or meal with loved ones.

And of course, with so many delectable health treats and delicious looking sweets inside the farm stall and factory shop… you can expect to leave a few hundred rand poorer! ๐Ÿ™‚ (I normally do…)

Overall Rating:


Location, Location:

102 Bath Street, Montagu, Western Cape, South Africa.

Contact Details:

+27 (023) 614 2682





Each of the Western Cape farm stalls listed in this post have been personally visited by me.

And although there are many other wonderful farm stalls spread across the Cape… I have chosen to only feature ones that I have been inside and explored first-hand.

If you have others that you can recommend (for me to visit and write about), I would love to hear about them in the comments! ๐Ÿ™‚

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