Great Western Cape Markets to Enjoy

The Western Cape is blessed with an abundance of excellent markets. With everything from food to craft to Saturday and Christmas markets, there really is something for everyone… I have visited many great markets in the Western Cape so I decided it was time to finally share my best picks.

Although I have visited a few others besides – I have chosen to only add the ones that I found truly enjoyable, well-stocked and fun for all.

Here (in no particular order) are my choice of great Western Cape markets to enjoy with your loved ones:

1) Montagu Village Market


Tucked away in the charming Route 62 town of Montagu, where I grew up, this Saturday market has famously been drawing crowds from far and wide for as long as I can remember.

It gets setup in the centre of town, near the picturesque NG Kerk and opposite the local tourism office. And the Montagu Market is a delightful country market for all to enjoy.

Back when I was in school, it was often known to locals as the ‘Park Mark’, due to its pretty location in Bath Street’s Euvrard Park.

Our school used to have a popular pancake stall at this market. And, on the occasions I turned up my sleeves to roll pancakes at lightning speed – this market positively heaved. Every single Saturday, even in the gloomiest weather.

I love the quaint, small town atmosphere and safe vibe this market offers visitors and stall holders alike.

More than that though, I love the warm hospitality, quality offerings and soothing charm this market is so loved for.

In fact, this is something true of Montagu in general – everything in this town is made and done with warmth, pride and love.

If you are looking for a great, family-friendly Saturday market a mere two or so hours’ drive from Cape Town, then this Klein Karoo market gem is perfect for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

When it takes place:

Usually every Saturday, come rain or shine – except over the Christmas weekend.

The Village Market is open from 08:00 am – 12:30 pm (summer) and 08:30 am – 12:30 pm (winter).

You can also look out for the following market events:

  • Art in the Park (second Saturday of the month);
  • Bric n Brac Lane (free tables for trading previously loved goods; it is held on the first and third Saturdays of the month);
  • Friends of the Hospital Bargain Shop (held on the fourth Saturday of the month);
  • There is also usually a special Christmas Market to enjoy during the Festive Season.

What to see:


The market offers a chance to see the town’s friendly, welcoming hospitality and Cape charm.

Take a stroll to the nearby landmarks, cafes or restaurants and take time to admire the unique Cape Dutch architecture the town has preserved so beautifully.

I love walking along the Church, Bath, Barry and Long Streets – but it is also worthwhile to stroll to the local Leidam for some birdwatching – or further into Montagu West, which I consider to be the town’s prettiest, greeniest parts.

What to shop:

The market well and truly offers everything. Think: delicious food and drink stalls, baked, takehome goods (everything from aromatic breads to famous cakes and melkterts (milk tarts)), garden tools, books, antique goods, craft goods and even clothing finds too.

Activities to enjoy in and around the market:


While you are in Montagu, there is so much to see and do.

Stroll about the town and visit Long Street to see some iconic Cape Dutch landmarks; enjoy rockclimbing, hiking or MTB/normal bike rides around the area; visit the local cafes, restaurants and charming farmstalls; pop into the Avalon Springs for a fun resort experience or learn about the town’s rich history and natural beauty through one of the local attractions, like Montagu Nature Garden, Montagu Museum, Joubert House and more.


Yes, this market is hugely family-friendly and popular among all ages.


Yes, the market is relaxed and pet-friendly – but, all the same, I would suggest a leash or harness for your fur baby.

Contact details:

+27 (071) 471 9844,



Montagu, Route 62, Western Cape.


2) Elgin Railway Market


The Elgin Railway Market is one of the coolest markets around. Hidden in the vibrant, green heart of Elgin Valley at Oak Avenue, this station market is housed inside a reformed apple shed that now offers a steampunk-chic interior.

One of the market’s biggest attractions is undoubtedly the visiting steam train (which you can ride from Cape Town to Elgin and back) that thrills young and old when it bustles into the nearby railway station.


But, even without its very own visiting choo choo – this is one of the most fun, intriguing markets that the Western Cape has to offer.

Although I am a devote market lover, I have visited this market with a few close friends and family and even the biggest market sceptic adored exploring this market… That, for me, is the surest sign of its all-round appeal!

When it takes place:


The market takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 am – 17:00 pm.

But, if you don’t mind missing the full market experience, parts of it run throughout the week.

  • Monday – Friday: Ground Central Coffee Shop is open from 08:00 am – 17:00 pm.
  • Wednesdays: Limited food vendors and the beer and wine bar operate from 16:00 pm – 21:00 pm.
  • Fridays: Limited food vendors and the beer and wine bar operate from 17:00 pm – 21:00 pm.

What to see:


While you are visiting the market, there is plenty to see and enjoy. Highlights include the climbing wall, excellent outdoor kiddies’ playground and Elgin Adventure Centre (who offer a host of thrilling outdoor adventures, everything from bike wine tours to 4×4 fun in the mountains).

You can also visit the local Elgin wine farms, famous for their incredible cool climate wines and gorgeous gardens; and try epic ziplining with Cape Canopy Tour over at the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve.

What to shop:


This dynamic market offers everything from incredible cakes, fudge, savoury food stalls, gourmet sandwiches and burgers to fresh produce (that you can weigh and pick out yourself), gifts, arts and crafts goodies – as well as wine, beer, gin, cider and hot beverages to enjoy.

It also has some retail offerings with everything from stylish clothes and jewellry to second-hand finds and leather goods.


Activities to enjoy in and around the market:

As I mentioned previously, Elgin and surrounds offer so much for families, friends and couples to enjoy together.

Book an outdoor adventure with Elgin Adventure Centre or Cape Canopy Tour; try some MTB riding in a region made for it; book a cosy getaway in one of the gorgeous local accommodation offerings; or even book a trip on the iconic Elgin Steam Train when it’s up and running.


Yes, this is a really fun family market, ideal for all ages.


Pets are not allowed inside the market itself due to health reasons, as it is an indoor market.

However, they are welcome outdoors at the market, provided they are on a leash. (Please just clean up after your pets.)

Contact details:

+27 (021) 204 1158,



Elgin, Overberg Region, Western Cape.


3) Stellenberg Feesmark


This annual, pop-up Christmas market is one of my all-time favourites… So much so, that I have attended it for a few years in a row since first discovering it in 2017.

It is also one of the best-kept market secrets, one which lies hidden away in the heart of the peaceful Northern Suburbs.

This pop-up market takes place within the NG Kerk (Church) Stellenberg, in Mountain View Road, Eversdal (near Stellenberg High School) and offers so much to see, shop for and even taste!

There is on-site parking (although, when it is busy, you may have to park in the surrounding streets) – and this free-to-enjoy market bustles with eager, yet patient crowds.

As it usually takes place during late October to early November, it is the perfect market for some pre-Christmas gift- and treat-shopping… although they offer so much more besides!


I really love the wide stall variety and relaxing shopping experience that this vibrant Northern Suburbs market offers its visitors.

I have enjoyed visiting both after work (on weekdays) and on Saturdays – and both times, the experience has been the same: excellent.

It is hugely popular among locals and is definitely one of the Cape’s finest markets, showcasing so much local talent in a big, indoor space.

Aside from the shopping stalls, there is also an excellent, sit-down (or takeaway) restaurant, which serves tasty, wholesome meals – and a cosy coffee shop, serving great coffee and sweet treats.

We tried the food on our last market visit and it was incredibly tasty!


When it takes place:

The market usually runs annually from mid- to late-October and early November.

It is best to keep an eye on the market’s website each year for fresh dates and opening times.

Opening times may vary from year-to-year – but are usually from mid-morning to early night (weekdays) and on Saturdays from mid-morning to early evening.

The market is closed on Sundays.

Payment works through credit- and debit-cards, as well as Cape Consumer cards.ย 

What to see:


There is plenty to see at this market, with hundreds of exhibitors selling a wide variety of quality goods.

Everything for children’s toys and clothing to home decor, Christmas decorations and gifts, potted plants, cute fridge magnets and kitchen accessories, creative baked goodies, chic wooden furniture and gorgeous jewellery to name only a few of the stall offerings.

Not to mention a tempting food section, with everything from decadent homemade fudge, cakes and brownies to Christmas treats and bottled spreads and sauces.

What I love about the market is you can grab a basket or trolley, shop from start to finish and then pay once for everything, at the exit tills. This makes the process easier and quicker.

What to shop:


As mentioned above, there is so much to shop for here.

It really is the perfect market for gift shopping too!

Activities to enjoy in and around the market:

Durbanville offers its own activities to enjoy in and around the market.

There are:


Yes, definitely! This market is great for all ages.

It is also wheelchair-friendly. To organise parking closer to the entrance for wheelchair-bound visitors, please contact the office upon arrival.

You can call them: +27 (021) 910 3900; they are most happy to assist.


No, not in my experience, as it is an indoor market. (But you are welcome to check with market organisers.)

Contact details:

+27 (079) 269 3663, (021) 910 3900,



Durbanville, Northern Suburbs, Cape Town, Western Cape.


4) Blaauwklippen Family Market


This popular Stellenbosch market is a famously wonderful market for families – and, after experiencing it first-hand, I can see why.

It offers a beautiful estate setting on Blaauwklippen’s picturesque grounds and provides a lovely, predominantly outdoor market experience.

What I found most fun about this market is how the stalls and tables offer such a wide variety of truly fascinating goods.

There is everything from well-preserved antiques to quirky modern-day inventions, tasty food stalls, African crafts and jewellery and so much more.

The garden setting is especially lovely with the canopy of intertwined trees that cover much of the market space. But the indoor stalls, housed within a cosy old building, and rolling lawns found nearby are equally charming.

This market offers plenty for families to enjoy, especially with the incredible play facilities usually setup for the kiddies.

When it takes place:

The market runs on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) from 10:00 am – 15:00 pm.

What to see:


Aside from the market, Blaauwklippen also offers Ham & Uys Eatery; excellent wine tastings and pairings for adults; and an overall beautiful estate experience.

There are also normally sweet farm animals to see on the estate; this definitely adds to the modern farm feel.

Prospective brides will also love scouting this stunning wedding venue for their dream day.

When you are done at the estate, you can also explore the town of Stellenbosch – or head further into the Cape Winelands.

What to shop:


The market has a new seasonal focus, with a strong emphasis on organic, local and sustainable food, goods and produce – so stalls may differ slightly from when I visited in 2019. ๐Ÿ™‚

Activities to enjoy in and around the market:


The market offers plenty to see, browse and above all, taste – so come hungry!

There are also normally lovely wooden picnic tables spread out under the trees to allow for quiet downtime or market feasting.


Yes, this market is one of the most famous family markets around in the Western Cape.


Yes, as far as I understand the market is open to well-behaved pets on a leash.

But you are welcome to confirm this with the estate before visiting.

Contact details:

+27 (021) 880 0133



Stellenbosch, Western Cape.


5) Lourensford Market


While Lourensford has both a Twilight (Friday) and more famous weekend market, I have only experienced the weekend one so I will focus on that in this post.

The Lourensford Market is another market that positively pumps – and when you visit this iconic Somerset West market, which is tucked away near the estate’s lush gardens in a cool part-indoor, part-outdoor setup, you understand why.

It offers so much to see, do and savour. There is often live music to set the mood for a relaxing market staunter (while giving local bands and artists an important platform to perform) – and a broad selection of excellent stalls.

Among the 60 permanent and other pop-up stalls besides, you will find everything from sunglasses to mouthwatering fudge and craft beers.


Another major highlight is the nearby MOTOR Studio, with its gorgeous vintage car display. It, too, draws admiring visitors in their droves and adds a next-level element to this already oh-so-cool market.

But perhaps the best thing about this Helderberg gem is the atmosphere, which is somehow both exhilarating and peaceful at the same time.

What’s more, alongside the couples holding hands, one finds families with young kiddies having a blast exploring this family-friendly estate together… and therein lies the beauty of the Lourensford Market: it is entirely all-inclusive and good fun for everyone.

Although this market is free to enjoy, all vehicles visiting Lourensford must pay a small entry fee. (Note: You can get this back if you buy a bottle of estate wine.)

When it takes place:

The weekend market runs from Saturday to Sunday, 10:00 am – 15:00 pm in season (September to May), while the Friday market is open from 17:00 pm – 21:00 pm.

The market takes its annual festive break around Christmas and New Year.

The market also closes every winter during June, July and August.

What to see:


Aside from the amazing market stalls, Lourensford is an incredibly beautiful, interesting estate to explore.

When you are done at this estate, you can also pop into neighbouring Vergelegen Wine Estate – or explore the best of the Helderberg-based wine farms.

What to shop:

At Lourensford Market, there is everything you could possibly dream of finding at a market!

From delicious ice-cream and fudge to handmade wares, original artwork – and even organic, locally sourced produce for a healthy element!

One of my personal favourite stalls is The Fudge Kitchen, who sell divine fudge, with flavours like Oreo, Ferrero Rocher and Turkish Delight to name just a few.

Activities to enjoy in and around the market:


When at Lourensford, go for a winetasting and/or pairing or even a vodka tasting; hop on a Vinfari; grab a bite to eat at Millhouse Restaurant or the Coffee Roastery’s Red Riding Hood Deli; browse the art gallery or other on-site, wellness-themed stores; enjoy MTB fun or even try your hand at clay pigeon shooting.


Also, be sure to check out the epic MOTOR Studio, which has suave vintage cars, dating from the ’50s to the ’90s, on display. They are also home to ABRU Craft Beer, perfect for beer lovers.

For kiddies, the market and its surrounds offer an interactive play fountain, treetop adventures with the Jump & Rope Yard, face painting and other fun activities.

Kids can also enjoy playing on the expansive lawns, exploring the gardens with parents or guardians or even enjoying quality playtime over at Millhouse Restaurant’s play area.



Yes, this market is loved by families and children of all ages.

The market is also wheel-chair- and pram-friendly so everyone gets to enjoy it together with ease.


The market is pet-friendly for well-behaved, leashed pooches… In fact, there is even a Doggie Bar for them to enjoy!

However, dogs must be leashed at all times.

Contact details:

+27 (072) 284 1654,



Somerset West, Helderberg, Western Cape.

6) The Neighbourgoods Market


Housed at the Old Biscuit Mill, this popular market – which also operates in Johannesburg – is one of Cape Town’s most famous markets.

The goal behind this dynamic market, established in 2006, is a simple, yet important one: “to revive and reinvent the public market as a civic institution.”

To say that they have achieved this goal is an understatement – because this market is an institution for the public to enjoy wholeheartedly if ever there was one.

Featuring over a hundred specialty traders, this award-winning Saturday market, which lies in the heart of transformed Woodstock, is one every Capetonian (and visitor) should experience.


When it takes place:

The market takes place every Saturday, from 09:00 am – 15:00 pm.

Although entry to the market is free – there is safe, all-day paid parking available opposite the Mill entrance at the College of Cape Town.

However, to avoid traffic congestion, marketgoers are advised to make use of Uber or the MyCiti bus service (Route 261 stops nearby).

The market traders work on contactless and card transactions – but there are several ATMs available at the Old Biscuit Mill.

What to see:


The Old Biscuit Mill itself is a sight for sore eyes, with its shops and restaurants. Even if you just visit the market to explore this local landmark, you are in for a great time.

But the Neighbourgoods Market, housed within the old, sky-lit brick warehouse and industrial courtyard of the Old Biscuit Mill, offers so much for visitors to see, smell, touch, hear and above all, taste… It is a market made for wooing one’s every sense.

In addition to its usual market fun, they also often host special events, festivals and live music throughout the year, making this one of the most exciting markets to pen into your annual calendar.

What to shop:


This market is famous for offering an incredible array of goods, produce and amazing food and artisanal wares.

When you browse the market, it feels almost overwhelming trying to decide on what to buy, even just for lunch, so rich and varied are the options laid out before you.


The market is an important weekly platform for local suppliers, farmers, butchers, artisans, chefs and more. So you can expect to find everything here, from organic produce to specialty goods and mouthwatering food and unique drinks.

Activities to enjoy in and around the market:

Enjoy browsing the diverse stalls, seeing the quaint beauty of the Old Biscuit Mill and exploring the different shops and restaurants found within this iconic city space.

It is an important community place, with so much on offer.



Yes, the market is family-friendly.

There isn’t too much to keep kids entertained in my experience but it still offers a fun experience for all.


Pets are welcome on a leash – and owners are requested to kindly clean up after them.

Contact details:



Woodstock, Cape Town, Western Cape.


7) Slow Market Willowbridge


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Offering the very best in “slow food, slow wine and slow design”, this weekend market is another Northern Suburbs gem.

When I first visited this market at the luxurious Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre, it was largely outdoors but since then, it has become an indoor market after the centre’s rooftop renovations.

Although the market’s sister, their Stellenbosch branch, is undeniably more famous, I personally like this Willowbridge market a lot.

It has a great selection of stalls, with everything from delicious bakes to sterling silver jewellery and local designs.


When it takes place:

The market is held on weekends. It is open from 09:00 am – 15:00 pm on Saturdays – and from 09:00 am – 14:00 pm every Sunday.

What to see:

Aside from the many different market stalls, visitors can also explore the Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre, which has a number of great restaurants and cafes, as well as some premium boutique stores and popular shops alike.

What to shop:


At this urban market, you will find a selection of small local producers selling everything from street food to artisanal foods and local design goodies too.

It is a creative and light-hearted market that is fun to browse.

Activities to enjoy in and around the market:

As I mentioned earlier, the market offers a host of activities nearby due to its setting at Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre, which sprawls across the road in two different shopping sections.

You can also pop across the road and visit Tygervalley Centre, another shopping hub in the Northern Suburbs. Here, you can also enjoy good shopping, local cafes and restaurants, the Food Court and of course, blockbuster movies too.


Yes, the market is perfectly suitable for families.

Willowbridge also has excellent play and sandpit areas for kiddies so there is plenty to keep the little ones entertained.

For older kids and teens who may get bored more easily, Tygervalley Centre (found just across the road from Willowbridge) offers good movies and takeaway food options inside its bustling Food Court.


Although this is an indoor market, Willowbridge is generally a dog-friendly centre so I assume leashed or held dogs are fine.

Please check with Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre or the market directly for confirmation of this.

Contact details:



Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre, Bellville, Northern Suburbs, Cape Town, Western Cape.


8) Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) Market

oranjezicht city farm market day

Last but by no means least, we have one of Cape Town’s most famous and well-loved markets: Oranjezicht City Farm Market, otherwise known as OZCF Market.

This bustling weekend farmers’ market draws crowds young and old with its picture-perfect, ocean-facing setting at Granger Bay, especially as it is within walking distance of the V&A Waterfront.

It is partly indoors, partly outdoors and all fun, with a wonderful array of fun stalls, picnic benches inside and out and gorgeous city views for all to enjoy – even your pets!

This is another market I have visited a few times over the past few years and every time, it proves to be a delightful outing for me.

ozcf-marketThe market is free to enjoy and welcomes one and all, including joggers, dog walkers and cyclists who can enter via Beach Road.

You can also catch the MyCiti Bus (which stops close by) or find paid parking across at the V&A Waterfront.

When it takes place:

This popular Cape Town market runs every weekend on Saturday, 08:15 am โ€“ 14:00 pm and Sunday, 09:00 am โ€“ 2pm.

On Wednesday nights, they have a limited, seasonal market. This is open from 17:00 โ€“ 21:00 pm, November to March.ย 

What to see:

granger-bayAside from the gorgeous ocean- and city-views, this market – predominantly set within a giant, sprawling marquee tent – offers visitors plenty of quality stalls to browse and nice spots to sit and enjoy a meal or cup of coffee at.

What to shop:


Although it is largely a farmers market, with all kinds of fresh produce, healthy eats and fresh flowers for sale, you can find other stalls too.

There is everything from gourmet wraps to gluten-free, decadent cakes to plants and gardening products and so much more.

I love the food offerings and normally grab a tasty bite to eat because I can’t resist not doing so!

This market also caters well to all types of diets and food preferences, including vegan and vegetarians, raw foodies or those with an intolerance for wheat, gluten, sugar or dairy.

Activities to enjoy in and around the market:


Browse the stalls; weigh and buy some fresh fruit and vegetables; sit at one of the communal picnic benches and soak up the fun, friendly vibe – or simply enjoy the market’s glorious setting.

As it is within walking distance of the V&A Waterfront and further afield, the Sea Point Promenade and Green Point Urban Park, there is plenty to see, do and enjoy nearby – from shopping to good dining and even great outdoor exercise fun.



Yes, the market is great for young and old.

The farmers’ market atmosphere makes it feel somehow removed from the normal hustle and bustle of city life.


Dogs are welcome at the market – however, dog owners must obey the following rules:

  • Dogs must be kept on a short leash;
  • Dogs must be kept under control and close to their owner(s) at all times;
  • Owners must ensure dogs are kept away from food products, plants and produce at all times;
  • Dogs must be friendly towards both children and other dogs to be permitted inside the market;
  • Dog owners must please be considerate, as not everyone loves dogs and some people are allergic to them;
  • Dog owners must clean up after their doggies.
  • Management reserves the right to ask any dog to be removed from the market if these rules are not adhered to.

Contact details:

+27 (083) 628 3426



Granger Bay, Cape Town, Western Cape.


9) The Mountain Market


Theย Mountain Marketย is a relatively new market on the Cape Town scene. It offers a safe, fun market experience for friends, families and well-behaved doggies to enjoy.

Inceptionalised and powered by Nourish’d Cape Town (a local cafe and juicery), this organic market offers a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, handmade soaps, organic honey, delicious vegan- and gluten-free treats, fresh breads and homeware (like wicker baskets) and more.


The setting is relaxed and peaceful in Van Riebeeck Park. It offers stunning views of Table Mountain behind in the distance. It is also ideally central to Cape Town locals and offers a quieter, yet equally enjoyable shopping- and market-experience to the more famous OZCF market.


What I love most about this inner city, open-air market is that it is organic and set in nature – as well as the fact that you can so easily support local businesses and providers when shopping here.

When it takes place:

The market is open every Saturday from 08:00 am – 14:00 pm. However, itย usually only runs during the spring- and summer-months, as it is a bit more weather-dependent than indoor markets.

What to see:


Aside from browsing the market stalls, nearby attractions include the park itself, the play area for little ones and nearby city streets and suburbs, which offer further parks, cafes and restaurants to enjoy.

What to shop:


This market has a range of organic products – everything from handmade soaps to mushroom-growing kits to organic-style jewellery and of course, a wide array of tasty eats, seasonal produce, smoothies, fresh juice and coffee.


They are planning to add more vendors in time so I am sure they will only keep growing from strength to strength!

Activities to enjoy in and around the market:

Another bonus is that, on Saturdays, the market offers yoga therapy from 10:00 am – 11:00 am.

Sometimes they also offer pilates classes. Otherwise, the market occasionally has chilled live music performances too.


Yes, this market is family-friendly. It strongly promotes a family-friendly experience – and there is a lovely playground for kids on-site.


Yes, the market is animal-friendly, especially as it is held in Van Riebeeck Park.

However, dogs must be kept on a leash when at the market itself. Also, remember to please keep your pets under control and clean up after them.

Contact details:

+27 (072) 864 8759,



Van Riebeeck Park, Homeleigh Avenue, Vredehoek,ย Cape Town, Western Cape.


10) Franschhoek Village Market


Situated in central Franschhoek and located almost directly across from the majestic Nederduitse Gereformeerde (NG) Kerk Franschhoek, this vibrant village market is one of the Western Cape’s favourites.

The market enjoys a relaxed setting (beneath historic oaks) in the heart of beautiful Franschhoek town. It welcomes visitors to enjoy live music performances, food and drinks and of course, browsing a range of diverse market stalls.

You can find everything from gin to jewellery stalls, second-hand books (at great prices), puzzles, fresh flowers and pot plants, clothing and homeware and much, much more.


When it takes place:

Every Saturday from 09:00 am – 15:00 pm during summer – and 10:00 am – 15:00 pm in winter. It is weather-dependent though and closed on rainy days, so always check ahead on their social feeds before visiting.

There is free parking near the market, especially around the back of the church.

Entry to the market is also free – except during Bastille Festival when a small fee is charged.

What to see:


The market has many lovely stalls to browse. There is also a children’s play area and a nice seating area with picnic benches where you can gather with friends and family to enjoy a meal, catch up or listen to the live music performances. Seating is a bit limited though – but if you are lucky enough to snag a table, it is worth it.

The market does have a selection of food and drink stalls but, compared to some markets I have been to, I personally find the selection a bit limited. Especially as most of the food feels like snack/finger food rather than proper traditional market fare.

What to shop:

I think the beauty of this market is that it offers a wide range of stalls and products that suit all tastes and budgets. Everything from antiques to second-hand books to brand spanking new clothing and handmade jewellery.


While you can use card facilities at some of the stalls, most work off cash and SnapScan. However, there are ATMs within easy walking distance, as the market is very centrally based.

Activities to enjoy in and around the market:

You can watch locals playing a game of boules at the market. It is entertaining to see.

And each year, during July, the market expands as part of the Bastille Festival.

Aside from that, on-site attractions include the play area and live music performances, which add a soothing market vibe.


Beyond the market, Franschhoek has an array of excellent cafes, restaurants, museums, wine farms andย attractions (like the wine tram) to enjoy nearby. You can also walk from the market and discover the streets first-hand – unearthing gems like Wordsworth Books, The Treasure House, Good Old Days Antiques and Collectibles.



Yes, the market is definitely family-friendly. As mentioned, there is also a kiddies’ play area, with a jungle gym, swings and a lawn area.


The market is pet-friendly to well-behaved, socialised and leashed dogs.

Please also clean up after your dogs.

Contact details:




Franschhoek Village Market,ย 29 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek, Western Cape.



These are some of my favourite markets across the Western Cape.

There are still so many other markets I would love to explore – and in time, I hope to add some of them to this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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