Travel Review: Simon’s Town – S.A.’s Naval ‘Port of Call’

In early October 2014, I first had the pleasure of travelling to Simon’s Town, which is about an hour or so from Cape Town, depending on traffic and which route you take to get there. This historic naval town has a rich, multi-cultural history and offers visitors some wonderful travel opportunities, all of which are within close proximity to the […]

Travel Review – A Visit to the Southernmost Tip of Africa: Cape Agulhas National Park, L’Agulhas

Nestled between the Cape Overberg towns of Gansbaai and Struisbaai, you find the tiny coastal-lying L’Agulhas. In the nearby Cape Agulhas National Park, aside from encountering its richly vegetated, beautifully rugged coastal plain – which, covers 20, 959 hectare, is 72 km long and incorporates 60 km of rocky, jagged shoreline and 45 km of sandy beach continuously kissed by […]