How RV Travel Can Change Your Life

A Unique Way to Travel: RVing

Travelling by RV can have a profound impact on your life. Unlike other forms of travel, such as by car, plane, bus or train, RV travel becomes an extension of how you live. Those other modes of travel are just a means of getting from point A to point B, usually as quickly as possible.

RV travel is by far a more social and explorational way of travelling, where what lies between point A and point B is just as important as what lies on either end. This distinct difference in travel means that RV travel can be a life-changing experience.

For the casual RV travellers, who visit nearby campgrounds on the weekend and maybe take a longer vacation trip now and then, RV travel can still be life-changing. Unlike other forms of travel, RVing can be very social.

While RVing, you are essentially bringing your home with you on the road. This means you have a comfort zone or that familiar base camp from which to operate.

This provides a sense of belonging no matter where you travel, since your home is never far away… Having that feeling makes it much easier to get out, explore and experience the places you visit, as if you really live there.

Promoting Social Travel

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RVing is also a much more social way to travel. RVers are a unique group of people who are generally very friendly, social and helpful if you run into problems.

Unlike hotels, most RV parks host social events, like bonfires, pot luck dinners, fire truck rides, fishing derbies, arts and crafts gatherings and other events, where you or your kids can make friends… Some of those friendships can last a lifetime.

Family and Friend Bonding with RV Travel

Family and friend bonding can also be a major part of RVing. A hotel is a place to sleep, where the RV is more of a place to live. As a family, that means you can still cook meals and eat together or sit around the campfire under the stars and make s’mores.

You also work as a family setting up, taking down and making sure your travels are safe. Everyone has a role to play in your travels, which makes your family bonds stronger.

This can also be contagious. Many families start off with one group getting into RVing, only to have other family members or friends join in with their own RVs later.

It is not uncommon to see large family groups made up of several generations camping together in multiple RVs in a campground. It is a great way to build family bonds and make lifelong memories.

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The Benefits of Full-time RVing

The casual RVer may, at some point, see the benefits of the lifestyle and take the leap into full-time RVing – while others may skip the casual stage altogether.

Full-time RVing can take many forms and generally has all the life-changing benefits of casual RV travel.

Since full timing is more of a commitment to an RV lifestyle, it has the potential of changing your life in a number of other ways. First, it offers a simple, clutter-free lifestyle. The small space available in an RV forces the focus on what is important in life and prevents the collection of unnecessary junk.

The small space is also much easier and less costly to maintain, which frees up time to focus on more important things. That extra time can be devoted to travel, maintaining health, focusing on hobbies or building careers.

Create a Better Life for Yourself

Many people move to full-time RVing to lower their overall cost of living. While the RV lifestyle is not inherently cheaper than living in a fixed home – if done properly, it can provide cost of living benefits.

Many people have been able to eliminate debt and create better lives for themselves by full-time RVing. Some return to fixed home living after their goals are met, while others stay in the lifestyle and continue to reap the benefits.

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Travelling Workers and Retirees

The last two groups we will look at are: travelling workers and retirees. For many jobs, RV travel can be a huge life changer. There are many jobs out there that have travelling positions available, including nursing, speech-, physical- and occupational-therapy, solar installations, electrical linemen, oil field work, welding etc.

Additionally, many jobs can be done remotely from anywhere with a good internet connection, including web design, computer programming, sales and marketing, phone support etc. RV travel allows you to go where the good jobs are – or allows you to travel to the places you always wanted to visit, while still earning an income.

For retirees, RV travel provides a relatively simple lifestyle, with the added benefits of travel and the flexibility to live when and where you want to. It also provides an excellent social environment, which may be hard to match in a standard, fixed home.

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RV travel has benefits over traditional travel… many of which can change your life. Regardless of how much time you spend RV travelling, the social components, family bonding and possible financial gains – coupled with the ability and freedom to explore life – will open doors you didn’t know existed.

RVing is a profoundly different way to travel and experience life that not only can – but will change your life.

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