Blown Away by BAARD & Co Coffee Roasters

Since the official shop launch in October 2021, BAARD & Co Coffee Roasters have fast become the hottest coffee shop, roastery and artisanal sourdough bakery in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs.

BAARD & Co began their coffee roasting in 2019, supplying to Namibia and local businesses. A year later, in the midst of lockdown 2020, they added a home baking business.

Now, their venture has grown into an exciting, beautiful coffee shop, micro roastery and sourdough bakery in the heart of Durbanville.


With its central, streetside location and setting, BAARD & Co catches your attention easily as you pass by.

Especially with the eye-catching black-and-white theme and the irresistible aroma of great coffee and at times, wafts of fresh pastries. The sights and smells are like something straight off the pages of a (culinary-obsessed) Joanne Harris novel.


Inside, especially on bread days (currently Friday and Saturday mornings), the coffee shop bustles. Filled with remote workers, mummies who brunch and an assortment of coffee lovers from far and wide.


As you enter, the shop’s elegant decor enfolds you in its chic embrace. While both a vintage brass and stunning blue-and-white wall mural diving helmet jump out at you.


Elegant Decor Sets the Tone in Central Durbanville

The cool mural also forms part of their commissioned shop logos. It is inspired by owner Louis, who used to be in the SA navy.


It is unmistakably iconic as the handiwork of top South African illustrator, ceramicist and the genius behind Chandler House art gallery, Michael Chandler.

Michael Chandler needs no introduction in the local market. He has famously collaborated with a wide range of local businesses from Mr Price to La Cotte.

To one side, there is a wraparound wooden counter with bar seating that overlooks the street.


While the rest of the small, yet cosy coffee shop is filled with dainty white round tables and chairs and teardrop chandeliers that perfectly complement the black-and-white colour scheme.

The front counter offers a glimpse at their small, yet excellent selection of mouthwatering pastries, like pasteis de natas and croissants. (The croissants are sourced daily from a local business).


The counter menu also reveals the wide selection of available beverages. Everything from Cortados to incredible Flat Whites.

Inside, one also finds their purchasable coffee bean bags. These are perfect for brewing your own excellent BAARD and Co coffee from the comfort of your home.


Bags are priced at roughly R300 for a large bag or R95 for a smaller (or in my view, standard sized) bag.

These are sold as coffee beans but they can ground them in-store according to your needs.

Where Good Coffee and Companionship Reside

Once seated (there is inside seating and one full outdoor table), you are enveloped in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The place buzzes non-stop with easy chatter, relaxed laughter and the whizz of coffee machinery.


Meanwhile, the smells that permeate the shop are divine: freshly brewed coffee and (if you are lucky enough to order some) the deliciousness of fresh pasteries that are so fresh and good, they almost melt in your mouth.

Artisanal Sourdough Loaves

On Fridays and Saturdays, BAARD and Co’s amazing artisanal sourdough loaves can be purchased in store.

However, you have to scramble because these are sold on a “first come, first serve” and even by 10:00 am on a Friday when I swung by, they had sold out almost an hour before. (They start baking at 03:00 am on the day so loaves are definitely fresh!)

It isn’t hard to see why – just the look of them, with intricate patterns and face designs makes them look like a must-have – and I can only imagine how amazing they taste. (Although, as a seasoned sourdough lover, I personally don’t need much convincing to order or purchase sourdough. ;))

Perhaps the most inspiring part about their loaves is that they are the result of a course that the couple enjoyed as a date. Now, this self-taught art is an incredible part of their business offerings.


In addition to their takeaway or sitdown drinks, pastries or purchasable coffee bags, BAARD & Co also sells jams, preserves, beard oil, amazing, hand-painted coffee prints (by Danielle Jordaan), stunning tote bags and Basilei fudge. These goods are all readily available in-store.




Baard & Co Coffee Wows

Husband-and-wife duo/owners, Louis and Ronel, are incredibly lovely people. They are both warm and welcoming, whether you contact them online or have the pleasure of meeting them in person. Their small continency of staff are equally friendly, nice and highly efficient.


On my first (for it definitely will not be my last!), leisurely visit, I ordered a strong, beautifully presented Flat White and a divine pasteis de nata.


Collectively, this came to R53 so well-priced. Both were served (by Louis) on a elegant, carved wooden board and were faultless.

You can normally smell and see a good cup of coffee. So, even before I tasted my Flat White, I knew I would be transported to coffee heaven.

Sure enough, it was perfect and needed zero sugar added as it was perfectly balanced, strong and hot.


My pastry, meanwhile, is one of the best pasteis de natas I have had. Honestly, I could have devoured about three in one sitting.


Quality Customer Service and True Passion in One

Another thing I noticed during my visit is how Louis – the inspiration behind the baardΒ (beard) part of the name/logo – interacts with his customers. There is nothing rushed in his manner and he has a friendly chat with everyone.


This is always encouraging and wonderful to see. Especially as a reviewer, because it is a true sign of a business owner with a passion not just for his craft – but for his customers, and ultimately, their happiness, too.


How It Rated Overall

Overall, a visit to BAARD & Co is like a warm embrace of security, cosiness and above all, quality goods and service. This is, in essence, the perfect coffee shop and bakery in one.

I rate BAARD & Co as an effortless 10/10 based on my experience, their offerings and service – and above all, the passion and pride that is at the heart of this Durbanville gem.


The owners’ shared love for their pioneering business shines through, as much in the incredible offerings, as it does in their welcoming smiles and gratitude extended to each visitor.

If you haven’t visited BAARD & Co yet – here is your open invitation to get there as soon as possible. Oh? And prepared to be wowed from start to finish just like I was.

You can find BAARD & Co at 5 Pampoenkraal Street, Durbanville, Cape Town, Western Cape. Or connect with and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Contact info: +27 (076) 305 0067,

Opening times:

Monday to Friday, 07:00 am – 15:30 pm.

Saturdays from 07:00 am – 13:00 pm.


Address: BAARD and Co, 5 Pampoenkraal Street, Durbanville, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

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