My New Favourite Locale: 1987 Eatery at Hertex Bellville

My Instagram seems an unlikely place to find a favourite coffee shop… And yet, that is how I discovered 1987 Eatery at Hertex. And after my visit, I have no doubt that this is now my favourite local spot. This cosy, intimate and altogether beautiful eatery is a true hidden gem in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs.

While a stylish fabric shop like Hertex is the last place you expect to find a classy, whimsical restaurant, there is something about 1987’s location that appeals. (Not only for shoppers.) It is centrally positioned in Bellville – a stone’s throw from Highstreet Tygervalley and Tyger Valley Centre both – and yet, is removed from the hustle and bustle too.

1987 Eatery Bellville: Paying Homage to the Hertex Legacy


Opened in 2017, 1987 Eatery at Hertex is tucked in a corner, not as an afterthought but like the hidden gem it is.

When you arrive at the eatery, quirky lamps, lush foliage, an emphasis on wooden decor pieces, eye-catching, burnt orange or dark velvet plush seating and a stunning colourful mural sets the scene… It is stunningly decked out.


This is just a taste of its creative and stylish interior. It’s perhaps unsurprising to learn the Hertex team was behind all this. (A bit of online digging, revealed that 1987 is a significant year, as this is whenย Peter and Coba Herrman started Hertex.)

What’s more, in addition to the Bellville branch, Hertex has also opened a stunning Cape Town eatery in lovely Gardens. (So Cape Town CBD and the Northern Suburbs are equally matched for once.) If you are in the Mother City, you should make a plan to visit one of these branches. Especially as quality food, superb coffee and glowing reviews are true for both.


The Bellville branch, which is snug, yet airy and light, offers a mix of seating options, with larger tables for groups of friends or families and smaller, more intimate ones designed for couples or friendly catch-ups. It is ideal for family or group gatherings, coffee meet-ups and of course, weekend spoils.

A Restaurant Where Style and Quality Food Meet

One thing that really impressed upon me was the vibey, pleasant atmosphere. I visited on a Saturday morning, well before lunchtime, but even then, it was packed out. I waited for a table but I really didn’t mind. Any excuse to soak up that great atmosphere.


But, even better are the tempting smells of strong, deliciously sinful-smelling coffee and fresh food that draw you in. It’s absolutely divine! ๐Ÿ™‚


From the moment I arrived, it became instantly apparent that service is top class here. The serving staff are extremely friendly and helpful, as is the floor manageress. This immediately sets a good tone, especially as I visited for an anonymous review.

I always like to see how you are treated when there is no added expectation – and I couldn’t have been more impressed with 1987 Eatery on this score. Everyone was welcomed with the same warmth and speedy service.


I sat at the lovely bar table, surrounded by potted plants and classy magazines. This is centrally located within the small but stylish space, so it’s perfect for reading a good book or enjoying a delicious coffee.ย (Note: There is complimentary WiFi available too.)

I am a bit shy though, as I informed the staff, so eating there in the open wasn’t something that appealed to me. But I am pleased to report that they gave me the first available small table as promised – again, something that impressed.

So Many Options


I had plenty of time to glance over the menu, which is divided up into breakfast, lunch, sandwiches, sides and sweet sections. (Note: Breakfast is served till 12:00 pm.)ย One thing that struck me was the wide range of options, both in terms of food and beverages.

You can enjoy drinking everything from wide-ranging, quality coffee options to fresh, raw juices.ย (Best of all, they now sell their 1987 Arabica Coffee Blend at both eateries.)

And the food, oh, the food… If the breakfast menu isn’t enough to delight you, then the ‘Lunch’, ‘Sandwiches’ or ‘Something Sweet’ options will.

My Carrot Cake takeaway slice

Some menu stand-outs include: Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon, Creamy Cajun Chicken Salad, Sweet Potato Fries, an assortment of Cakes and Macaroons (which are famously good), Smoked Chicken, Avo and Mozzarella Sandwiches and much more.


(Restaurant tip: If you visit on a Saturday, try make an advance reservation –ย or expect to wait a bit for a table… just know it is so worth it!)

Food, Glorious (Healthy) Food – and Drinks

Everything on the menu (yes, even the sweet treats, like the melt-in-your-mouth Carrot Cake) has a strong sense of healthiness about it. Not in a “eat your greens” kind of way but rather in a wonderfully inventive, fresh and delicious sense… The flavours and ingredients jump out of the page at you – and upon eating, explode in your mouth.

For example, my takeaway Carrot Cake was arguably one of the best, healthiest versions I have ever had – and I am a serious Carrot Cake fan. It was full of baked freshness, yummy nuts and more. So even though that was meant to be my sneaky weekend treat – it was certainly no compromise to my more conscious healthy eating of late.


For my Carrot Cake, I can easily award a 10/10. AndI will definitely be back for more of it! (I love that they do takeaways too!)

(Side note: You can also buy a box of seven macaroons for R80. This is definitely worth it, I think, because they are not the cheapest confection.)


One For The Coffee Snobs

I am by no means a coffee snob orย connoisseur but years living in Cape Town (where there is a coffee shop at every turn – just in case the first ten before it weren’t good enough) and reviewing has taught me what a truly good coffee is… Be it a latte, espresso or Cortado.

And let me say this: the latte I had at 1987 Eatery is hands-down the best I have had to date. It was beautifully presented (on a wooden board, marked with the 1987 logo, next to a complimentary shortbread cookie) in a clear glass mug. It looked and smelt divine but, of course, the proof is in the tasting… And there, it excelled!


It was a full-bodied, fragrant and altogether superb coffee. And even for a sweet tooth like me, not a bit of added sugar was necessary. I can easily and happily award that decent-sized, excellent Latte (R26 for 250ml) a 10/10 rating for flavour, taste and price.

And the day’s Cake and Coffee special (R50 for a large slice of cake with a cappuccino; cake is normally priced at R45 so this is a right steal!) meant I also got to sample their Cappuccino.

In a similar vein, the cappuccino was excellent too (9/10 rating) – but for me, the latte is still the stuff of coffee dreams. (Note: Their cappuccino is also valued at R26 for 250ml; R30 for 350ml.)


Coffee addicts, you have it on good authority… 1987 Eatery at Hertex is the real deal when it comes to brewing, serving and presenting coffees.

Midway through my superb latte – which I took my time savouring, as I enjoyed my surroundings – a table freed up. So, now that I was seated closer to the beckoning cake display, it was time to order breakfast.


A Bountiful Breakfast at 1987 Eatery at Hertex

I already knew what I wanted: Eggs Benedict (R78; served all day) –ย but the menu does make it hard to stick to your guns. Still, I stuck with my first choice in the end because this is my ultimate breakfast and one I don’t enjoy nearly often enough.

I ordered my two, free range eggs (medium) poached and the dish also includes fresh avocado and generous bacon strips, served with rocket and Hollandaise sauce on delicious, freshly baked ciabatta bread, spread with basil pesto.

These flavours and ingredients combine to create a breakfast fit for a king. It is really filling, satisfying and above all, extremely tasty and fresh. My only minor issue was that the Hollandaise sauce was a bit rich (at least to me) – but otherwise, everything was perfectly flavoured and cooked. (Especially my great, free range eggs.)


I really loved the avo and bacon combination, as they created another element to this classic breakfast.

Honestly, even priced at R78, this breakfast is extremely good value. I was full long past lunch after eating it. And just generally, entirely well-satisfied by the generous portioning and flavours… It was a memorable dish!

I can’t wait to return to try more of their breakfast and lunch options. This really is good, healthy and delicious food at its best.

For my Eggs Benedict breakfast, I am happy to award an 8/10. This is a very high rating for any breakfast, I think.


How 1987 Eatery at Hertex Rated

Overall, my experience at 1987 Eatery at Hertex Bellville was entirely memorable and pleasing. I can’t really fault anything and I am so keen to revisit them soon!

I really can see this becoming my new locale. Not only because they are so closely situated to where I live but because this is one quality restaurant establishment.

And in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs, that is often something that we lack. So I am thoroughly delighted to have found another foodie gem here especially!


1987 Eatery at Hertex is open from Monday to Thursday, from 08:00 am – 17:00 pm and on Fridays from 08:00 am to 16:30 pm. They are open on Saturdays from 09:00 am till 14:00 pm but are closed on Sundays.ย 

For more information on 1987 Eatery at Hertex, you can visit their website.ย Or contact them on: +27 (021)ย 914 0851 or chef@hertex.co.za via email.

Alternatively, find them for yourself at: 1987 Eatery at Hertex, Hertex Showroom (Head Office), 12 Bella Rosa Street, Rosenpark, Bellville, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

1987 Eatery at Hertex is also on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to connect with and follow them there!

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