Fabulous Fynbos: A Fynbos and Protea Workshop at The Kraal

Recently, Susan Dehosse of The Kraal at Joostenberg Wine Estate invited me to cover and participate in an exciting floral workshop event. It was a collaboration between local fynbos and protea supplier, Fabulous Fynbos, and The Kraal. What could be lovelier than a fynbos and protea-themed workshop event during spring? Personally, having grown up on Cape farms, both proteas and […]


How to Support Western Cape Wine Farms During Extended Level 3

With the third alcohol ban in South Africa under extended Level 3 regulations, wine farms – and restaurants – across the Western Cape are bleeding. So, for this post, I want to try highlight ways to support Western Cape wine farms during extended Level 3. Even if you can’t enjoy a wine tasting or take-home wine purchase. Show Your Support […]


Nostalgic, Country-style Dining at Joostenberg Wine Estate’s The Kraal

Very few dining experiences can feed your mind and soul, even as they nourish your belly. Yet, The Kraal Restaurant at Joostenberg Wine Estate manages to do all three, in generous portions. Tucked away down a quaint farm road, lined with sprawling trees, The Kraal is every bit a breath of fresh country air… So breathe deep. Because every inch […]