Cool and Cosy in Kommetjie: Top Reasons to Visit This Mother City Spot in the Deep South

I’ve only visited Kommetjie twice now in my three or so years of residing in Cape Town – but it’s definitely one of my favourite travel spots; at least of those found along the Cape Peninsula coastline.

This small, close-knit village in the Deep South has it all: country vibes, ocean and mountain views to die for (no matter whereabouts you are in ‘town’), and a wonderful holiday feeling, which allows people like myself the chance to leave the city behind and get back to nature’s freeing roots.

The best part of all: it’s easily accessible (particularly if you’re a Southern Suburbs dweller, as I now am) via either Chapman’s Peak Drive or Ou Kaapse Weg. (Although Chappies makes for the ultimate road trip experience, Ou Kaapse Weg is a winner too, and both offer beautiful views and a glimpse at a different side of the Mother City, as you whiz towards your final destination.)

Recently, we stayed over here for a weekend away, booking a holiday home via AirBnB (in what was such a wonderful and effortless process that I won’t be looking elsewhere again!), and spent a few days making some wonderful summertime memories, relaxing and unwinding by the seaside and above all, exploring the coastal-lying Kommetjie village and its seaside surrounds.

Holiday home supporting local art pieces

Here are some of my recommended stops and/or things to do if and when you find yourself visiting this special spot in the Deep South (and I strongly recommend that you do!):

Sunset strolls by the shore

On our first evening, we went for a lovely walk along the strand. Initially, we had been hoping to recline on one of the benches, which helpfully overlook the ocean, and thus, quietly enjoy taking in the sunset, with the waves crashing gently below us… (The sunsets here are gorgeous… so make sure to catch at least one outdoors in the open!)

However, since our seat was already occupied – you see, even locals come out to watch the sunset; showing, right off the bat, how appreciative Kommetjie’s residents are of the beauty they so freely possess – we instead decided to stroll along the shoreline.

Sunset in the Deep South: Kommetjie

In the end, this proved to be an even better choice, especially because we managed a quick chat with local residents, who all come across as endlessly warm and welcoming.

There’s a real sense of community in Kommetjie, which, having grown up in a small farming village where everybody knows who you (or makes a point of greeting you even if they don’t…), it made me feel instantly at ease and at home.

In fact, it’s one of the things I love most about the Mother City’s False Bay side; it’s most refreshing to find that these colourful seaside communities still put nature, family and adventure first above all else in life.

Lovely farm life experience at Imhoff Farm

Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie

If you want to slow things down a notch, then Imhoff Farm is undoubtedly the place to do it. I’m not going to lie: I was very excited to explore this place, particularly because at Imhoff, you will find everything from farm stalls and snake parks to restaurants and country farmyards bursting with all kinds of animals – as well as the chance to enjoy a camel or horse ride too!

Imhoff Farm Shop

After you’ve explored the place (which in itself takes some time, though it makes for a wonderful outdoor excursion, particularly when the weather’s fair), including the free range farm shop (a great place to stock up on tasty foods and snacks, postcards and even fresh flowers), different art and creative ware stores (like Purely Porcelain and the Francoise Fine Art Photography Gallery), I recommend enjoying a delightful, relaxed lunch at Blue Water Café.

Purely Porcelain, Imhoff Farm
Francoise Fine Art Photography Gallery, Imhoff Farm

The food is fresh and delicious, portions are considerable and above all, the views are simply lovely, whether you sit inside or out on the verandah or lawny expanse.

Blue Water Cafe, Imhoff Farm

Update: Going forwards, I will not be promoting or featuring places that encourage animal- or wildlife-interactions, even with rehabilitated animals. However, this remains the reader’s discretion. I am just trying to be more conscious and responsible as a traveller.

After that, it’s worth visiting the Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard. Here, you will find the likes of bunnies (lots and lots of bunnies, chickens, ducks, goats, guinea pigs (they bring new meaning to the expression “lightning fast”), cows, pigs and even a few emus too.

It’s a wonderful place for kids to visit and though there’s a minimal entry fee, it’s so worth it. (You can also buy your entry tickets at the Café.)

This makes for a amazingly fun farm experience, one which adults and children alike seem to really relish the experience.

There’s also a wonderful nursery and it was here that I finally picked up a potplant to add some colour and earthiness to my place.

For more information, you can see: www.imhofffarm.co.za, or visit them for yourself at Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie Road, Kommetjie.

Exploring The Kom and Slangkop Lighthouse

Slangkop Lighthouse, Kommetjie

The Slangkop Lighthouse is one of the most recognisable landmarks in Kommetjie. Even if you’ve never visited the area yourself, you must have surely seen a photo online of this adorable, little white lighthouse.

What’s more, there’s a lovely boardwalk called the Kom Cat walk, which leads to and from Slangkop.

The Kom Cat Walk

Another place to visit in town is the local tidal pool, The Kom. This pretty, bowl-like body of water is either full or empty depending on the tide – but either way, it’s a famous part of this coastal suburb – much like its neighbour, the Slangkop Lighthouse.

Leisurely moments spent at Long Beach

Surfers’ haven: Long Beach, Kommetjie

Long Beach is a famous surfing spot in Cape Town – and what’s more, it’s decidedly well-named, as you can indeed enjoy long walks along pristine, white beach sand (which is neither clingy, nor scratchy like on some beaches), edged by turquoise-green waters, with majestic mountains framing the distant skyline.

In fact, you can walk all the way to nearby Noordhoek Beach and along the way, take in the sight of the well-preserved local shipwreck, the Kakapo, which dates back to the 1900s.

However, if you simply want to walk your dog (it is a popular beach for dog walking, I might add), enjoy some beach sports, sunbathing or even swimming – if you’re brave enough (I wasn’t) – in the really cool waters, Long Beach is ideal for all of that too!

Although this concludes my list, there are a few other local attractions, which I recommend exploring if you’re in the area:

  • The Foodbarn Restaurant, Noordhoek (a popular, elegant local institution, which is famous in this part of the Deep South)
  • Chapman’s Peak Drive (one of the most scenic drives you’ll find anywhere in the world – and an engineering marvel to boot!)
  • Cape Point Nature Reserve (it’s a wealth of wild, natural beauty, with so much to explore and enjoy)
  • Kalk Bay, Muizenberg and even Simon’s Town (a thrilling trio of colourful False Bay suburbs)
  • Silvermine Nature Reserve (one of Cape Town’s nearest and most popular reserves, with excellent hikes – like the one to Elephant’s Eye Cave – pretty picnic spots and even a reservoir)

For more information on cosy Kommetjie (and nearby surrounds), I advise checking out the excellent and wonderfully informative local website: www.capepointroute.co.za.

Glorious mountain and sea views

Kommetjie made for a perfect weekend escape and fulfilled all my personal/travel hopes (and more) in the end… and it’s certainly a place I’m already longing to return to. If you visit it, I think you will definitely understand my wanderlust wistfulness…



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