Work with Me: Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust


For the past few years, I have enjoyed writing, freelancing, sub-editing and ghostwriting for several online publications and blogs.

My writing qualifications (National Diploma: Journalism) and background have allowed me to enjoy several years’ worth of blogging, travel writing and social media experience across multiple platforms. Because of this,ย I have a good handle on both online writing and general sub-editing.

I have also been actively blogging on WordPress-based sites since 2014 so I am well-familiar with the platform. Additionally, I am familiar with Yoast SEO, Google Analytics and keyword research.

Outside of my own writing, I also really enjoy virtually assisting and sub-editing for others. In light of this, I have consistently assisted some of my clients and fellow bloggers over the past few years.

What I Offer:

  • Sound, speedy sub-editing. I focus on grammar, punctuation and factual research; I believe this ensures more error-free copy.
  • Efficient, adaptive freelance writing. We can discuss possible travel-, accommodation-, restaurant- or leisure-topics.
  • Ghostwriting. This meaning you receive all the online credit and recognition. For this type of work, I do not require a byline, word of thanks or mention/tag.
  • Content planning for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts.
  • Uploading content and images to WordPress-based sites.
  • Scheduling social media posts on Buffer or Facebook.
  • Providing or sourcing quality photos. My specialty – when it comes to my own photography work – is macro and outdoor photography.
  • Possible guest blogs or paid post collaborations. These are shared across my blog and social platforms. Posts may include embedded links of your choice. (Note: For paid posts, I will only accept no-follow links.)
  • Helpful tips and positive, constructive feedback provided when returning subbed content to you.
  • Reasonable rates and flexible or set deadlines. Deadlines may range from one day to a month, as required.ย Provided I receive fair notice (a minimum 24 hours) and have adequate availability, as I work full-time in addition to this.

How I Can Help You

If you require someone to help ease your writing workload or check for small mistakes (which can be hard to pick up yourself, even when you meticulously self-edit), I am more than happy to assist.

I am very good at meeting deadlines and am generally a fast writer/sub-editor.

What’s more, I am constantly trying to improve my own writing, online content and social media skills so this means that we learn together.

Please note:

As I work a full-time day job, which I am happily dedicated to, I can only assist in a strictly part-time, after-hours capacity.

This applies to my offered services, as well as blog collaborations and sponsored content.

Important Notices and Freelance Rates

All services listed under ‘What I Offer’ are individually billed.

Out of fairness, service requirements and rates are generally agreed to on a client-to-client basis.

You can view my rate card here for my latest freelance services offered and rates.

Please note:

When it comes to subbing, my focus is on punctuation and grammar. I do not viciously slash, critique or (needlessly) rewrite the writer’s original work. Instead, I try to gently improve and enhance your writing.

I also like to ensure that everything is as grammatically and factually correct as possible.

My aim is to provide writing/copy that flows freely and logically.

Media Kit and Contact Info

If you are interested in any of the above services or require a client reference, please feel free to email me at: tamlyn.ryan63[at]

For any additional information and personal highlights from my blog and freelance writing, please see my media kit here.

I look forward to possibly working with you.

Thank you very much in advance.