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Since 2016, I have enjoyed writing, freelancing, sub-editing and ghost-writing for several sites, blogs and an online travel and events publication. What’s more, since 2014, I’ve been actively blogging (through WordPress) in a personal capacity.

Because of my writing background (a National Diploma in Journalism) and over five years’ worth of blogging, travel writing and social media experience (across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) – and sound Yoast SEO and keyword research application and understanding, I have quite a good handle on both online (travel) writing and general sub-editing.

In addition to my writing, sub-editing is something I really enjoy now – and since 2016, I have been sub-editing on a long-term basis for international travel blogNon Stop Destination.

What I Can Offer You:


  • Sound and speedy sub-editing with a focus on grammar, punctuation and factual research. This will ensure writing and copy that is as error-free as possible.
  • Efficient, adaptive freelance writing offered. Genres may range from global or local (South African) travel/lifestyle topics, food-, accommodation- or experiential-reviews and much more… the choice is yours.
  • Ghostwriting (this means you will get all the online credit and public recognition).
  • Basic social media planning for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts and/or content.
  • Uploading content onto WordPress-dependent sites.
  • Scheduling social media on Buffer or Facebook for later posting.
  • Quality photos (where needed), with a particular focus on macro photography, which is my specialty and love.
  • Possible guest blogging or guest post opportunities and collaborations. (This would include embedded links and social media sharing across my blog, Facebook travel page, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).
  • Helpful tips and/or positive, constructive feedback on any subbed content.
  • Reasonable rates and flexible or set deadlines (as you require). Deadlines may be anything from a day to a month, provided I receive fair notice (minimum 24 hours) and am available to assist at that given time.
  • Please note: As I hold a full-time day job, which I am happily dedicated to, I can only work in a strictly part-time, after-hours capacity. This applies to all offered writing, editing or social media services, as well as blog collaborations or sponsored content.


How Can I Help?

If you require someone to help ease your writing workload or a fresh pair of eyes to check for small mistakes – which can be hard to pick up, even when you meticulously self-edit – I am happy and able to assist on a strictly part-time basis.

I am very good at meeting deadlines and am a fast writer/sub-editor.

What’s more, I am constantly trying to improve my own writing, online content and social media skills, so we can learn together.


All the services listed under the ‘What I Can Offer You’ section are billed individually. Service requirements and rates, particularly for freelance writing and sub-editing, are generally agreed to on a client-to-client basis. I feel this allows us to find a suitable and fair middle-ground.

Please note: When it comes to subbing, my focus has always been on punctuation and grammar. This means I in no way viciously slash, critique or needlessly rewrite the writer’s own work…

Instead, I do my best to gently improve and effectively enhance the writing. My desire is to make sure that everything is grammatically and factually correct (by verifying it as far as possible). I also aim to ensure the writing flows as freely and logically as it can, allowing for an enjoyable and interesting reading experience.

Contact Me About Guest Posts


I am open to accepting guest posts on my blog –  but I have several set requirements and rules that must be agreed to by both parties first.

To propose or enquire about guest posting on my blog, please contact me at: tamlyn.ryan63[at]

Guest Post Submissions: Ts & Cs

Please note the following before contacting me about any guest posts: 

  • All posts must be vetted and approved of by me before I will agree to publish them on my blog. This process may involve small grammatical or language changes, in accordance with my blog’s style and voice. (For example, I use UK spelling on my blog.)
  • All content must be in line with my blog’s travel-related theme. So anything about travel is great – but only travel-inspired content. This may include: travel experiences, eco-friendly travel, restaurants or accommodation posts, to name a few examples.
  • While my blog’s content predominantly relates to South Africa at this time, I am open to content on local or international cities and countries. My only rule is that it must be in line with my blog’s style and feel.
  • I charge a set fee for guest posts (please contact me for this) and payment must be made within 24 hours of publication via either PayPal or EFT. Failure to pay will result in the post being removed from my blog and social media feeds. (Note: If payment cannot be made within 24 hours of publication, we must have an agreed upon date and this set date must be adhered to. What’s more, I will require a payment notification for these exceptions.)
  • All ‘paid-for’ posts use strictly no-follow links. I firmly believe in ethical blogging and this is something I refuse to budge on. So if you want do-follow links for paid posts, I advise you to please rather find another platform to publish your content on.
  • All paid guest posts must state they have been done in collaboration with Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust. What’s more, they will all carry a disclaimer on my blog and social media stating it is a paid or sponsored post.
  • Occasionally, I agree to guest posts, which are unpaid. But, this must be discussed on a case-by-case basis with me. Please be advised that I reserve the right to decline unpaid content.
  • Word count must be minimum 500 words. Whereas anything between 800-1500 is great too. (Note: Depending on word count/post length, my rates will vary.)
  • All photos – if not yours or your representative’s – must be credited and copy-right free. (If it is an issue or struggle for you, I am able to easily source or provide photos from my side and am happy to assist with this.)

Media Kit, Rates and Contact Info


If you are interested in any of the above – or simply need a reference from one of my previous clients before working with me, please email me at: tamlyn.ryan63[at] and we can talk further.

For any additional information, set rates and personal highlights from my blog and freelance writing, please see here. Alternatively, browse my Webfluential accredited creator account and media kit here.

I look forward to our possibly working together in some way! Thank you in advance.