Guest Posting on Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust


Let’s Talk Guest Posts

While I am open to guest posts on my blog – I have set rules that must be agreed to first.

To propose or enquire after guest posts, please email me at: tamlyn.ryan63[at]

Conditions for Guest and Paid-for Posts

  • All posts must be vetted and approved of by me before I will agree to publish them anywhere.ย This may involve small grammatical or language changes, in accordance with my blog’s style and voice. (For example, I only use UK spelling.)
  • All content must be in line with my blog’s travel theme. Anything travel-related is great – but only travel content will be featured. This may include: general travel experiences, eco-friendly travel, restaurants or accommodation posts.
  • While my blog predominantly revolves around my home country, South Africa – I am certainly open to global content. But it must fall in line with my blog’s style and feel. And naturally, it must be relevant to my readers and blog.

Ts and Cs for Paid Posts

  • Unless invited to feature on my blog, I charge a set fee for guest posts. (Please email me for more information).
  • Payment must be made within 24 hours of publication. This can be done via either PayPal or EFT.
  • Failure to make payment will result in the post being removed from my blog and social media feeds. (Note: If payment cannot be made within 24 hours of publication, we must set an agreed upon date and this date must be adhered to. For these rare exceptions, I also require a payment notification as proof.)
  • I firmly believe in ethical blogging so all ‘paid-for’ posts use strictly no-follow links. No exceptions will be made. If you wish to include do-follow links in your paid posts, please rather find another platform to publish your content on.
  • All paid guest posts will state that they have been done in collaboration with Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust. They will also carry a disclaimer on my blog and social media. This shows my readers that it is a paid/sponsored post.
  • Each guest post must be discussed on a case-by-case basis with me.
  • As this is my blog, I reserve the right to decline any content without explanation, be it paid or unpaid.

Additional Ts and Cs

  • Minimum word count for guest posts is 500 words. However, 800-1500 words per post is preferred. (Note: My rates vary depending on word count/post length.)
  • All posts should include at least 3-5 photos, if not more. Photos must be of a high quality and photo dimensions cannot be smaller than 750 x 500.
  • All photos – if not yours or your company/representative’s – must be credited and/or copy-right free. If it is a struggle for you to secure such photos, I am able to easily source or provide suitable photos.

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