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What originally started as a university assignment during my Journalism studies soon became a way for me to fulfill my own personal aspiration of becoming a travel writer… Today, my travel blog: Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust is a selection of personal travel writing experiences and opinions (which are almost entirely my own) that have been carefully and lovingly brought together by yours truly.

In my blog, I also incorporate various photos from my travels, using them in the different reviews and photo essays I compile on local places, festivals, restaurants/cafes and markets in my country, South Africa – with a particular focus on Cape Town.

My goal is simple: to do what I love (travel writing and adventuring), whenever I can – and in so doing, help my readers to discover new and wonderful places, adventures and travel tales.

I hope you will enjoy being a part of my journey.

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3 thoughts on “About Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust”

  1. Dear Tamlyn, I am Posy Hazell, an independent PR consultant based in Somerset West. I have enjoyed reading your posts – all very comprehensive and interesting. I am so pleased you had such a great time at Balducci’s – one of my favourite places and I also assist the Slick Group with PR :). I would like to chat to you on email if possible so please make contact with me. Kind regards

  2. Hi Tamlyn,

    I’m a journalist by profession & I’ve written for major media outlets. I’m creating an infographic (related to travel) with the help of designer and I would like to co-produce the infographic with your blog (tamlynamberwanderlust.com), Would you be interested in partnering with me on this?, there is no fees involved in this.

    After publishing the infographic, I’ll do promotion in different news outlets and press release sites, so both sites will get benefit with this.

    Let me know if you’re interested, so that we can discuss further.

    Thank you
    Jose Gonzalez

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