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How It All Began

What originally started as a university assignment during my Journalism studies soon became a way for me to fulfill my own personal aspiration of becoming a travel writer.

Today, my travel blog, Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust – Travel Writing and Photography is a selection of personal travel writing experiences and opinions (which are almost entirely my own). Each of which have been carefully and lovingly brought to life by yours truly.

I also incorporate various photos from my travels, using them in the different reviews and photo essays that I compile. These posts generally revolve around local places, restaurants and experiences in my country, South Africa. But, as it is my home city, there is a particular focus on Cape Town.

My goal is simple: to do what I love (travel writing and adventuring) whenever I can. And in so doing, I wish to help my readers discover new and wonderful adventures and travel tales.

Along the way, I invite local and international travellers and bloggers to share their thoughts and provide inspired travel tips!

I hope you will enjoy being a part of my journey… Thank you for stopping by!


  • I don’t think I have ever read such a well-written, comprehensive and professional review of an event. And it is unfortunately, most unusual these days, to host trade and media guests who are as appreciative and complimentary as you.” – Posy Hazell, co-owner of Hazell PR. (August 2015).
  • Thank you for the great review.” – Marius Basson, CEO of Manic Global (April 2016).
  • It is beautifully written and we really appreciate all your praise and appreciation.” – Amalia van Niekerk, owner of Thali Thali Game Lodge. (August 2017).
  • Thank you again for the review, it is very well written.” – Jani Branders, Hospitality Manager at Warwick Wine Estate (November 2017).
  • Thanks so much for all your kind words.” – Dimo Simatos, resident head chocolatier at Lindt South Africa (November 2017).
  • Many thanks for your wonderful email and fantastic review, I am so glad you loved Dunstone. Your review is great… Thank you so much for coming and enjoying.” – Abigail Wallis, owner of Dunstone Country Estate and Winery (December 2017).
  • Wow, what an amazing review of our special place Tap|Eat, home of The Franschhoek Beer Co. Thank you so much, Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust – Travel Writing and Photography for thinking of us and telling our story and vision.” – Frank Rodriguez, American businessman and partner at The Franschhoek Beer Co. (May 2018).
  • Such a great review of our new facilities.” – Penny Streeter, owner of Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate (May 2018).
  • Thank you so much for this great article! Le Petit Chateau is perfectly described for me, I like your tone.” – Marjolaine B, Manager at Molo Lolo Lodge (July 2018).
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Photo credit: Honeybee Photography

Blog Disclaimer:

  • All views and opinions expressed within my blog, Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust, are my own entirely honest, unbiased and independent feelings as a writer and travel blogger. (This, however, excludes guest interviews and/or guest posts.)
  • Although I will not knowingly publish any content that is derogatory, racist, sexist or intentionally insensitive and do my best to vet everything before publishing – I can assume no responsibility for the comments, opinions or thoughts shared and supplied by my guests or followers.
  • Reviews, hosted or otherwise, are in no way influenced by any other person(s), company, business, owner/media representative(s) or entity.
  • Sponsored posts and content all carry disclaimers stating who I have worked with.
  • Paid posts only use no-follow links, as I believe in ethical blogging practices.
  • Guest posts and interviews are largely published “as is”, with the exception of accidental spelling errors, basic punctuation and any major/minor grammatical errors, which I fix according to my blog’s in-house style.
  • While I endeavour to be as fair, accurate and detailed as possible on Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust, I accept that some inaccuracies, errors and changes in information, contact details and external links may arise before, during or after the publication date.

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  1. Wow! Your blog really seems to be a genuine one. I have gone through all your posts and I`m highly inspired by your blog. I can`t resist myself from following your blog.  Keep it up, buddy. 

    Faizan Shaikh – Gentelmennn

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