Work Collaboration

In the past two years, I have enjoyed freelancing, sub-editing and ghost-writing for several sites, blogs and an online travel and events publication. What’s more, I’ve been actively blogging through WordPress for four years now in a personal capacity.

Because of my writing background (a National Diploma in Journalism qualification) and over four years’ worth of blogging and social media experience (across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) – along with some basic Yoast SEO and keyword research application knowledge – I have quite a good handle on online writing and more latterly, sub-editing.

I am always keen to try something new and sub-editing is something I really enjoy now. For the past year, I have consistently sub-edited for travel blogNon Stop Destination.

What I offer:

  • Sound and speedy sub-editing, with a focus on grammar, punctuality and factual research to ensure that writing is as error-free as possible.
  • Efficient and adaptive freelance writing on a part-time basis. Genres can range from global travel, lifestyle, food and more.
  • Ghostwriting.
  • Basic social media planning for Facebook or Twitter posts.
  • Uploading content onto WordPress sites/blogs.
  • Scheduling social media on Buffer.
  • Possible guest blogging collaborations (with embedded links and social media sharing, across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).
  • Helpful tips and/or positive, constructive feedback on subbed content.
  • Reasonable rates and flexible and/or set deadlines – anything from a few days to a month, as required. Provided I receive fair notice.

How can I help you?

If you require someone to help ease your writing workload or a fresh pair of eyes to check for small mistakes (which it can be hard to pick up, even when you meticulously self-edit), I am most happy and able to assist on strictly a part-time basis.

I am very good at meeting deadlines, am a fast writer/sub-editor and am constantly trying to improve my own writing and social media skills, so we can learn to write better together. 🙂

Please note: When it comes to subbing, my focus has always been on punctuation and grammar, meaning I in no way viciously slash, critique or rewrite the writer’s work. Instead, I do my best to improve the writing, make sure that everything is factually or grammatically correct, and ensure it flows as freely and logically as possible.

If you are interested in any of the above – or need a recommendation from one of my previous clients – please email me at so we can discuss the finer details further.