Travel Review: RMS Queen Mary 2 Makes a Quick Stop in Cape Town


Yesterday, after she was briefly delayed due to bad weather (no doubt by windy conditions in Port Elizabeth… what a surprise), the Cunard Line-owned RMS Queen Mary 2 came to rest for 24 hours at best at Cape Town’s harbour.

Her stay is apparently over today (when I went to try get photos of her near the V & A Waterfront earlier this afternoon, I was told she was set to leave between 16:00 and 17:00 p.m. as her passengers were already boarding at that time – which was roughly 15:19 p.m. – and I assume she left on schedule) but for those of us in the Mother City who were fortunate enough to lay eyes on her majestic beauty and immense vastness during this time, it was short but very sweet.


RMS Queen Mary 2 is currently undertaking her ‘113 Night World Cruise 2015’, which, according to involves a “roundtrip cruise from Southampton” to various popular and exciting Middle Eastern, Australasian and (Southern) African destination stops.

Having set sail on January 10th of this year, the 113-night cruise will come to an end on May 3rd… At least for 2015 at any rate!

The RMS Queen Mary 2 is a sight for sore eyes and when I saw her today, I couldn’t believe how much bigger and more beautiful she looks in reality…

I have wanted to see her for years now so I was very excited when I crossed over the bridge near Thibault Square today and even from there, was immediately confronted by her vastness and sleek beauty.

I am really glad that I was finally able to clap eyes on her, even if it was from further away than I would have liked, despite my best journalistic and athletic attempts at getting closer to her in order to capture clearer shots.

My friend and I seriously did our best to get as close to her as possible and went back and forth all over city, the nearby dockyard, as well as the greater harbour area but it was probably a little too late to get the chance to see her up close and personal… Perhaps another time then. 🙂


Still, I managed to get a few decent photos of her and given that she creates a stir wherever she goes and is Cunard’s flagship and according to their website is hailed as: “the most magnificent ocean liner ever built”, I thought I would share them on my site.


Here is some additional info. and detail about this most magnificent ship, taken from Cunard and Travel Weekly:

1) OCG Class: Premium

2) Year Built: 2003

3) Year Last Refurbished: 2008

4) Maiden Voyage (Year): 2004

5) Passenger Capacity: 2,620

6) No. of Decks: 14

7) Registry: England

8) Tonnage: 148, 528

9) Length: 1132 ft.

10) Average Speed: 28 knots

11) No. of Cabins: (Inside) 293; (Outside) 1,017

12) Nationality of Crew: (Officers) British; (Crewmembers) International

13) No. of Crew: 1,253

Then, as far as ‘on-board recreation’ is concerned, she offers: pools (two of which are indoors, the other three are outside), a superb spa, casino, 3D Cinema, planetarium and library etc.

Dining and entertainment choices include:

Britannica Restaurant (room capacity: 1,351)

Princess Grill (room capacity: 180)

Queens Grill (A la carte/Gourmet: (room capacity: 206)

And finally, Veuve Clicquot (champagne bar).

To follow her live itinerary and see more about her scheduled stops along the way, you can follow @cunardline or @RMSQueenMary2 on Twitter or see Cunard’s stunning website for more info. and photos.


Safe travels, RMS Queen Mary 2!

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