Travel Photo Essay – Du Toits Kloof Tunnel and Mountain Pass

The following images were captured at various points along the beautifully scenic Du Toits Kloof Mountain Pass drive and the final one was taken at the Paarl entrance to the Huguenot Tunnel, which is the lower and slightly quicker of the two roads.




To use the tunnel road (the old mountain pass road also has a small, old tunnel but this is only a few metres long), you must pass through the toll gate and pay an admission fee which is reliant on your mode of transport – it’s currently R 32 for a normal car and/or small bakkie.


Both drives afford one simply breathtaking views but my personal favourite is the high mountain road.

A lot of trucks use that road but there are lovely picnic spots and places to stop along the steep climb up as you head towards nearby Paarl or onto Cape Town itself or, alternatively, out of ‘town’ and onto Worcester and beyond.

One frequently sees baboons alongside or even on both roads so drive carefully and if you stop for a break, do not feed them and keep your wits about you and leave the animals well alone, as they can be aggressive and dangerous if they are threatened – and there are some great hiking spots down to the river on the Huguenot Tunnel road.

The top road is wonderful for relaxing, slow drives (it does take a bit longer than the other route but it’s worth it if you have time to stop and breathe in the everyday hustle and bustle that is Life) and is truly beautiful before or during sunset, as dusk falls and even at night.









Huguenot Tunnel: Entrance on the toll gate side, just after you have passed through Cape Town, Paarl (or even Wellington) on your journey goes directly underneath the mountain and the tunnel is about 2 – 3 km in length.

Author: Tamlyn Amber Ryan

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