Travel Review: Must-See Places in Picturesque Paarl

In¬† early¬† October¬† of¬† 2014,¬† I¬† had¬† my¬† first¬† real¬† acquaintance¬† with¬† the¬† beautiful,¬† picturesque¬† town¬† of Paarl,¬† apparently¬† the¬† third¬† oldest¬† town¬† and¬† former¬† European¬† settlement¬† in¬† South¬† Africa¬† (after¬† Cape Town and¬† Stellenbosch)¬† and the¬† largest¬† of the¬† Cape¬† Wineland¬† towns. Translated¬† from¬† Afrikaans,¬† Paarl¬† means¬† ‘pearl’¬† and¬† though¬† its¬† name¬† is¬† drawn¬† from¬† its¬† well-known, unique¬† granite¬† […]