Why Chapman’s Peak Drive Has Me Charmed

Please note: Chappies has sadly been closed indefinitely (as of 21 June 2017) to both vehicles and cyclists, due to the risk of further dangerous rockfalls. Arguably one of South Africa’s (if not the world’s) most scenic drives, Chapman’s Peak Drive is one road trip you have to make if you visit the beautiful Western Cape province. Discover more about […]

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Travel Review: Hiking Table Mountain National Park’s Pipe Track

I am always one for trying new hiking trails (even on my own) so it was with great excitement that I set out with a hiking acquaintance to tackle the Table Mountain National Park’s Pipe Track in mid-October 2016. A quick Google search the night before told us that this somewhat secluded hiking trail – which starts on the Camps […]

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Travel Review: A Hasty Hop on, Hop off Cape Town’s CitySightseeing Buses

In  April,  I  finally  had  the  chance  to  ‘hop  on,  hop  off’  one  of  the  Mother  City’s  most  familiar  sights:  the bright  red,  open  top  CitySightseeing  Cape  Town  buses.  These  buses  exist  in  cities  worldwide  –  and  ever since  I  first  discovered  the  sightseeing  tours  on  offer,  I  have  felt  we  are  strangely  blessed  to  be  among one  of  these  […]

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Travel Photo Essay: A Sunny Midday Spring Hike up Lion’s Head

Last Sunday I went for just my second Lion’s Head hike since I’ve been living and studying in Cape Town. Since my first hike in late October 2014 (when my brother, his girlfriend and myself went for a beautiful, brisk and completely unforgettable sunset hike. See the following link to read my post on that particular hike:http://tamlynamberwanderlust.com/?p=454), I’ve been dying […]

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Travel & Beach Review: Gorgeous Clifton – Cape Town’s Unique Beach Quartet

Cape Town beach-goers are blessed with a wealth of glorious beaches to choose from, starting with the picture-perfect Blouberg to the glamourous Camps Bay, but my favourite by far is the quartet of granite boulder-strewn Clifton beaches, with their frothy, nippy waves that kiss the sandy, pristine shoreline, as yachts frame the seemingly endless horizon and rest serenely upon the […]

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Beach Review: Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town

The locally and internationally famous Camps Bay Beach is the pride and joy of the Mother City. With its beautiful ocean views, mixture of almost turquoise and deep blue waters, pristine white stretch of beach, giant granite boulders and spectacular views of the famous Twelve Apostles mountain range and Lion’s Head, it deserves all the praise it receives and more. […]

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Travel Review – Lion’s Head (Sunset) Hike

The Lion’s Head hike is yet another awesome hiking trail in the glorious Cape Town surrounds. Given that it is only a few minutes’ drive away from the CBD and some of the surrounding Cape Town suburbs, it’s the ideal hiking trail for Capetonians and visitors alike. The main route, otherwise known as the ‘Spiral Route’ (well-named!) should take you […]

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