Photo Essay: Cape Town’s Very Own Chocolate Factory – Lindt Chocolate Studio

Please Note: Lindt’s Cape Town Studio no longer operates from the Cape Quarter. Instead, it can now be found in a stunning shop at the trendy Silo District, V&A Waterfront. For more information, see here.

Ever since watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (2005), I have always had a secret, childlike desire to visit a chocolate factory, so, a quick and somewhat unplanned trip to the Lindt Chocolate Studio with some close friends last month turned out to be a truly delectable and memorable experience for me! 🙂

Before I go any further, I must just say that I personally love De Waterkant and the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village… There’s something about the whole precinct that makes me feel truly safe and at home (I have often commented on how it feels the most like the quiet streets of my hometown, Montagu).

It is probably due to the quiet cobbled streets – which, with the limited traffic, are probably the most pedestrian-friendly ones in the Mother City – and charming, brightly-coloured buildings, that are a mix of homes and restaurants, as well as the fact that it makes me feel like I could be somewhere else in the world… there’s a foreignness to both it and De Waterkant that makes them seem so removed from the rest of the city… well, at least until you step outside and are greeted by distant harbour views and Signal Hill looming above you. (It’s also the best area after Bo-Kaap to watch or listen to the firing of the Noon Day Cannon.)

The Cape Quarter is definitely on the pricey side but I still love window-shopping and strolling around it on occasion, as it consists of so many interesting little boutiques, relaxed or unusual eat-out places and also offers a SPAR of note… and it doesn’t hurt that the architecture is also extremely beautiful and quaint in its obvious ‘European-ness’, so to speak.


One of my favourite parts now is the Cape Quarter Piazza, which feels like Little Italy in the Cape, with its lovely entrance-way, cobbled courtyard and delightful, restfulness (the Piazza’s centrepiece is undoubtedly the raised circular platform + fountain with its complimentary seating set out beneath a wonderfully outreaching and somewhat gnarled tree). There to add a sense of modernness and sophistication are the boutiques and art galleries that encircle the Piazza.




Myself and another of our little party eyed the seating with no small degree of longing, but the temptation of what is surely one of Cape Town’s best-kept secrets, the Lindt Chocolate Studio, was too much for us to resist, so we, too, headed inside and enjoyed several wonderful moments exploring the charming new shop and studio that was first opened here in April 2012 by Mayor Patricia De Lille.

Back then, the shop was apparently described as “the only chocolate store of its kind in Africa” and although it has twin studio-stores in Johannesburg, Sandton City and Durban now, this small but generous little store might still be worthy of that title.




Even from the outside, this is clearly a little shop of chocolatey wonder and, as a self-professed Lindt (and Lindor) chocolate addict, I was pretty much in paradise once I stepped into the Cape Town Lindt Chocolate Studio.

Another really cool thing about the store are the different, mouthwatering displays, which offer everything from ice-cream to the standard Lindt chocolates you can find in your local supermarkets, as well as some more unusual looking or unique sweet treats, all of which will leave you feeling much as Charlie must have when he entered Willy Wonka’s amazing chocolate factory! 😛





I also loved the fact that we had a glimpse into the actual chocolate studio, where you can book all kinds of fun and exciting chocolate-orientated cooking classes and have some serious fun with professional Lindt chocolatiers, including master chocolatier and pastry chef of international status, Dimos Simatos of the Cape Town studio. According to Winelands Chocolate Festival, Mr Simatos runs the chocolate-making classes and also creates “the ganache filled macarons, cakes and pralines that are stocked in their shop.”


Class types (fun-, seasonal-, team-building-, kids- and master class) and prices (between R250-980) vary, with 1-4 hours’ worth of time necessary for each class, though (again) this all depends on which class experience you opt for. Class offerings include:

Something else that I found smart and professional were the staff (they were certainly dressed the part) and the TV displays, promoting the latest products, as much as the famed artistry of Lindt & Sprüngli, more commonly known to us as Lindt, the Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company behind these masterful, world-famous chocolate creations.





Perhaps the best discovery of all for us were the numerous and decidedly rare offerings and flavours that you can probably only find in the studios at present – though I have seen a few of them in the larger supermarket chains of late.

The Lindor Irish Cream is top on my list to try after this, though my favourite will undoubtedly always remain the Lindor Dark Chocolate, which is sinfully smooth and creamy in its decadence.



Though we certainly enjoyed admiring the other products (and yes, even the fancy shopping baskets), some of which are actually very reasonably priced before you think it’s going to be an extravagant shopping experience that will set you back a few pretty pennies.




Whilst some of my friends enjoyed some serious chocolate shopping, the rest of us went outside to enjoy a few moments of quiet on the outdoor seating, which is a really lovely place to take in the Piazza and the little Chocolate Studio from.


Our group left with some tasty treats, as we set off to enjoy the next stage of our Saturday outing in the glorious Mother City.



Thank you to the Lindt Chocolate Studio, Cape Town for making my childhood fantasy a reality – I’ll be popping by again real soon! 🙂 My overall rating of the Lindt Chocolate Studio? 9/10.


The Lindt Chocolate Studio is located at: Shop B11, The Piazza, Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village, 72 Waterkant Street, Green Point, Cape Town. You can give them a call on: +27 (021) 8310360, email them at: or visit Lindt South Africa for more information. (You can also find and Like their Facebook Page

OPENING HOURS (Cape Town Studio)

  • Mondays – 10:00 a.m. – 18:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday – Saturday – 10:00 a.m. – 19:00 p.m.
  • Sunday – Closed
  • Public holidays – 10:00 a.m. – 18:00 p.m.

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