Food Photo Essay: Mad Hatter-themed Kitchen Tea (Cape Town)

Today I had surprisingly good fun attending a friend of mine’s cousin’s Mad Hatter-themed kitchen tea.

(Fortunately, it was kept tame and decent as these type of parties go.)

The bride-to-be was Alice in Wonderland, complete with her own ‘throne of honour’ attending the Mad Hatter’s tea party and the invited guests had to bring and don their own funky hats.

(Mine was a cute mini silver, glittery bowler hat creation.)

The games included the bride-to-be guessing who each of her gifts were from while we silently held our tongues (unless we wanted a mouthful of tequila as punishment) until she either guessed incorrectly (at which point she had to down a sip of said tequila) or conceded defeat.

She managed to guess quite a few correctly – and wrongly, it goes without saying.

Then, after a small feast of savoury goodies (quiches and the like, each with a tasty filling of their own) and sugary treats (lemon meringue and Rice Krispies cupcakes, fudge, Beyers Sweetie Pie sweets, marshmallow goodies, millionaires and various sweets and fruit squares), we were assigned to groups of 5 – 8 ladies and had to make a ‘wearable’ designer wedding dress… using toilet paper and Stellotape. (as well as any of the lacy and/or girly paper table decorations, flower arrangements and odds and ends pulled from our handbags).

The winning team’s bride was the bride-to-be’s best friend (sure it wasn’t a biased result…) – but I think our team’s dress was the best: it was age-appropriate (since our ‘bride’ would have been a child bride) quaint and it covered the bride all round – and her winning team won a mini sherry shot ‘imported’ from Namibia called Kleiner Keiler.

However, we were all given a complimentary one like this because it was part of another game.

This final game involved balancing the bottle cap (it was sticky enough to stick on naturally for a bit) on the tip of our noses and then we had to put the bottle down upon the tabletop and try down the contents in one go… using only our mouths to pick it up. (I was fairly chuffed with myself for being able to do so the first time round and in one shot.)

After a few more presents (no guessing this time), the cake (complete with Sparklers, a ‘stripper’ Ken doll and mini packs of green cash) and some group photos by the pool, the party winded down and we parted ways, with our polka-dot party boxes in-toe.

Here are a some of the photos of the divine catering (which I’m pleased to have assisted with the purchase and partial preparation of) and cute decor:


Lemon merangue cupcakes.


Pink merangues.


Beyers Sweetie Pie sweets.


Fruit Squares and Millionaires.


Girly serviettes.


‘We’re all mad in here’: Mad Hatter-themed posters.


The bride-to-be’s seat of honour or ‘throne’.


Seating arrangements and pretty party boxes.


Some of the gifts and teapot decorations.


Table number 1: Sweet treats

Author: Tamlyn Amber Ryan

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