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Coffee Bar Review: Truth. Coffee Roasting, Cape Town

Situated in the epicenter of the ever-bustling Cape Town CBD on 36 Buitenkant Street one finds the richly enticing Truth. Coffee Roasting.

On their website at, they say they are “first and foremost artisan coffee roasters”, and with the 2008 South African Barista Champion, Jose Vilandy, and their awesome methods of and machinery for coffee roasting with their in-house Resurrection blend, this is no exaggeration.


The area – and indeed the coffee shop/cafe – may teem with life but a decidedly chilled, cool ambiance prevails inside and even outside the place itself.


There are street-side tables and chairs but most of Truth’s visitors seem to seat themselves indoors and with good reason.


There’s just so much on offer – it’s a sensory overload unlike ever before. Curious bits of furniture and interesting props (like old typewriters, silver mannequin busts, grandfather clocks, skeletons and ancient-looking volumes) breath life into the chic factory steam punk feel, whilst the chatter of staff (who are all appropriately dressed to match the shop’s theme) and fellow patrons provides an audible buzz and then, finally, it hits you… a heavenly smell unlike no other: the delectable aromatic scents of coffee being roasted… to perfection.





For anyone who loves coffee, this is one place you really need to visit in Cape Town.

And as good as the aromas of the various coffees (which are displayed in the most amazing glass cylinders belonging to the suitably named contraption that is Collosus, their cast iron mean probat, found in the centre of the shop, in front of the kitchen – which is quite open to view itself – and which looks like something from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory… at least, the coffee roasting version, that is. :P) may be, the end-products taste even better.

Aside from the iron tables, you have the option of ‘private booths’ (although these are often reserved in advance) with leather couches that make you feel like you’re stepping into a smoky ’70s American cafe scene from a Hollywood film rather than a modern-day cafe in South Africa.

I have tried both the Expresso and Iced Coffee – one being for the first time, whereas the other was once a firm favourite beverage of mine – and both were absolutely brilliant.

The coffees (flat whites especially) come with the usual intricate designs shaped or sprinkled but they are little fancier than normal and they deserve to be – after all, this is fine, strong coffee at its best.

I normally do food and drink reviews but Truth. Coffee isn’t about the food (although I have it on good authority from a number of close friends and family that this too is great) – it’s about the coffee.

My Milky Expresso came with a plentiful amount of milk and sugar to add-to-taste and my Iced Coffee was perfect all on its own.


I hadn’t ever tried an Expresso before then but I certainly had a perfect first sampling of one at Truth.

As for my Iced Coffee, something I haven’t had in many years but used to adore before I started to really drink coffee in my teens, it was wonderfully chilled and yet it had the most intense, perfect coffee-flavour. (If you’re not a fan of coffee, I recommend your trying something else at Truth.)

The Iced Coffee cost about R25 if I’m not mistaken and the Expresso costs R14.




Truth is the supplier of choice to many famous restaurants and hotels in the country, such as: La Colombe Constantia Uitsig, Camphors at Vergelegen, Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and The Greenhouse at The Cellars-Hohenort Hotel to name but a few.

They also take orders (they advise you emailing your orders through rather than calling at: and use courier services to deliver at their own cost.

There is also a variety of Truth merchandise and coffee-related machinery/products available for purchase but you’ll have to make enquiries after that yourself unfortunately.


Truth. Coffee Roasting is open every day. On weekdays, they open at 7:00 a.m. and on weekends, it’s 8:00 a.m. They close around 6:00 p.m. excepting Fridays when it’s later than this and Sundays, when they close a wee bit earlier at 2:00 p.m.

For more info., please contact them telephonically on: + 27 (021) 2000 440, email them at: or check out their website.


You can also find them on most social networking sites. Twitter: @TRUTHcoffee. Facebook page: ‘Truth Coffee Roasting’.

For me, Truth. Coffee gets an 8/10 review for the following: excellent, high quality products, a great atmosphere, a fun vibe and a professional set-up.


The only minuses are the staff (whilst most are excellent and efficient) can sometimes appear a bit overworked and this can lead to a slight drop or delay in the otherwise largely impeccable service that tends to prevail over the place.

Also, (but perhaps this is just me) the bathrooms are not clearly marked… I ended up thinking I was in a uni-sex bathroom and shot out of there as quickly as I could as a result but if this is just my error, I apologise in advance.

Another slight matter of concern is if you don’t reserve a table and you arrive anytime from lunchtime onwards (especially from 12:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.) you will either face a slight wait for a free spot or might have to leave altogether. Truth gets extremely busy but this is only testament to how in-demand they really are.

Many thanks to the Truth. Coffee Roasting website for any additional info.



Author: Tamlyn Amber Ryan

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