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How It All Began

What originally started as a university assignment during my Journalism studies soon became a way for me to fulfill my own personal aspiration of becoming a travel writer… Today, my travel blog: Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust is a selection of personal travel writing experiences and opinions (which are almost entirely my own) that have been carefully and lovingly brought together by yours truly.

In my blog, I also incorporate various photos from my travels, using them in the different reviews and photo essays I compile on local places, festivals, restaurants/cafes and markets in my country, South Africa – with a particular focus on Cape Town.

My goal is simple: to do what I love (travel writing and adventuring), whenever I can – and in so doing, help my readers to discover new and wonderful places, adventures and travel tales.

I hope you will enjoy being a part of my journey.




I don’t think I have ever read such a well-written, comprehensive and professional review of an event. And it is unfortunately, most unusual these days, to host trade and media guests who are as appreciative and complimentary as you. :).” – Posy Hazell, co-owner of Hazell PR. (August 2015).


“Thank you for the great review. We will def stay in touch. Let me know if you require anything else from our side, and feel free to visit again. – Marius Basson, CEO of Manic Global (April 2016).


Thank you for the very well-written and complimentary review!” – Karen, owner of Beulah Farm Deli (July 2017).


It is beautifully written and we really appreciate all your praise and appreciation.” – Amalia van Niekerk, owner of Thali Thali Game Lodge. (August 2017).


Thanks for the brilliant review!” – Thys van Niekerk, owner of Thali Thali Game Lodge. (August 2017).


Many thanks for the blog and write up – really glad you enjoyed Gecko and hope to see you back there sometime.” – Linton, owner of Gecko Creek Wilderness Lodge (October 2017).


“Thank you for the lovely review, and sharing it with me.” – Marina Vermeulen, Media and Communications Manager at Spier Wine Farm (November 2017).


“Thank you again for the review, it is very well written.” – Jani Branders, Hospitality Manager at Warwick Wine Estate (November 2017).


Thanks so much for all your kind words.” – Dimo Simatos, resident head chocolatier at Lindt South Africa (November 2017).


Many thanks for your wonderful email and fantastic review, I am so glad you loved Dunstone. Your review is great… Thank you so much for coming and enjoying.” – Abigail Wallis, owner of Dunstone Country Estate and Winery (December 2017).


Thanks so much. Lovely review, thanks for visiting.” – Blanche Bosman, Culinary Manager at La Motte Wine Estate. (January 2018).


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  • All my views and opinions expressed within my blog, Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust are entirely honest, unbiased and independent (with the exclusion of guest interviews and/or posts) of me as a writer and travel blogger. However, I can take no responsibility for the comments, opinions or thoughts shared and supplied by my guests or followers.


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